who needs a resume when you can find potions?

This post is about video games. I promise it’s not annoying.

Normally I play pretty mindless games. Actually, the only games I can say I regularly play are Halo, Guitar Hero, and recently Mario Kart, with a smattering of Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe and Need For Speed: Most Wanted. None of these games really require you to solve any complex puzzles or even do much more than push the same button over and over and kill bad guys, unless you’re playing unnecessarily difficult levels in Guitar Hero. You have to push many buttons just right to do some sweet stuff in MKvsDC, but that’s about as thought-provoking as it gets.

Well, over the last couple months I’ve developed a pretty serious addiction to Fallout 3. Even with my limited gaming experience, I think I can safely say it’s one of the best games ever created. The story is huge and versatile (and well-written, which is sort of a rarity), the characters are interesting, the graphics are lovely and did I mention it’s HUGE? I got used to having to follow a very specific path in Halo, but in Fallout, you can run across this massive map and very rarely run into areas you’re not allowed to go. You can also wield many dozen weapons and even hang out with sidekicks (including a dog named Dogmeat). You can choose whether you want to be good or evil, and develop skills in certain kinds of weapons and trades. (nerd nerd nerd)

One of my favorite parts, though, is that you can get freakin’ rich in this game. Currently, my sources of income include:

-selling scrap metal for 10 caps each to a plumber
-selling pre-war books for 100 caps each to a librarian
-hunting down a certain kind of rare soft drink for a collector, who will pay 30 caps per bottle
-returning dogtags from fallen soldiers to their base, where I get paid 100 caps each

(Yeah, this world’s currency is in bottle caps.)

So basically I’m loaded, and it made me think that if video games were real, I wouldn’t even be that excited about fighting aliens or being able to jump really high or having a sweet energy sword or whatever (that’s a lie, I would be totally pumped) – but who needs a job when you can just find stuff and sell it to people? No need to worry about degrees, job interviews, resumes, or coworkers – just keep your eyes open while you’re out and about, and every once in a while, kill a dragon to get the rare and valuable potion. It could work. It would make graduation and job-searching a lot less scary.

But I guess that’s what Ebay is for.


One thought on “who needs a resume when you can find potions?

  1. My friend, it’s a good thing you don’t play World of Warcraft. This is exactly what it’s like to take up a profession and sell your wares at the auction house, only with the added knowledge that your customers are real people. Doing so really does alleviate that “Holy crap I have to earn a wage in three months” terror, in a illusory way. If only I could collect herbs and sell them for extravagant prices in real life…legally, that is.

    I need to find some time for Fallout 3.

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