Spring break!

Tomorrow at 9 we’re leaving for California! It’s our last spring break, but we’re all too cheap to shell out for Vegas or Canada or something. (Plus, I would be terrified of Vegas, so there’s that.) We decided it would be fun to just crash at my boyfriend’s place for the week and explore Northern California. The best part is that his parents are totally excited to take care of the six of us. The other best part – actually, there are a lot of best parts, but this one’s up there – is that he has a golden retriever and four cats. One of the cats, called Mom Cat, is literally round, and usually very happy to see you. Another one, Abby, is very old and very pretty and apparently senile enough to enjoy wandering the house late at night, howling. She sort of reminds me of Judi Dench, because she’s very regal and classy, although now that Abby’s gone crazy, I may have to reevaluate that association.

The real best part is that Tuesday is our 3rd anniversary! I don’t even know what we have planned yet, but it’s probably going to involve a restaurant that costs more than $8 per plate. I’m even going to wear a dress. This is a big deal, y’all.

Any memorable spring break stories out there? My breaks have all been pretty quiet (although the story of freshman year deserves to be told sometime), and I’m always curious to hear about the people who get to go to Disneyland or New York or, I dunno, Mumbai. Please share!


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