another Monday

I have this ability to know what kind of weather the day will have before I even look out the window.

Wanna know my secret?

It’s because Oregon always has the same effing type of weather.


2 thoughts on “another Monday

  1. Noooo it totally doesn’t! You should move to my town! I promise, the weather is lovely and varied and there are BUNNIES and DAISIES and RAINBOWS and HAPPINESS!

    • But your town is like half an hour away! This morning I had to go to the campus bookstore (a one-minute walk), but forgot the title of the book I was supposed to pick up and had to walk back to work. The sun had peeked out and we all thought it might clear up after all. When I left work again, it was POURING, and it continued pouring while I ran back with the book. ARGH.

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