crisis averted

Today’s PR lecture was about corporate PR and social responsibility. The professor goes through the list of specialties, like employee relations and public affairs, and we get to financial relations.

Professor: “Now, for some companies, if you own any stock at all, you’ll be invited to shareholder meetings, where you can vote for the board of directors or something.”

(I start picturing “Batman Begins,” especially the scene where Bruce Wayne puts Fox in charge of the company.)

Professor: “If you own a lot of shares – say, over 50% – you could probably overrule those votes, or end up on the board of directors yourself. Who knows what this is called?”

(Bruce Wayne?)

Student: “Dictator?”

Some laughs.

Professor: “Not quite.”

(Do not say “Bruce Wayne.” Don’t.)

Another student: “Majority shareholder.”


Third student: “Controlling shareholder.”

Professor: “Excellent. These are significant factors to consider. Now if we look at some of the other activities…”


One thought on “crisis averted

  1. Oh c’mon, that would’ve been hysterical! When a joke like that comes along, you just gotta chance it. I definitely haven’t regretted my super-corny jokes in philosophy. How many more golden opportunities like that are you going to get?

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