more cat talk

I’m in one of those creative phases where I have four or five things I want to work on, and absolutely no drive or confidence for any of them. Unfortunately, this blog is one of them. I’m sorry I haven’t been real bloggy lately – I have three story ideas/books I want to work on, I’m trying to figure out how to get into the business of selling stock photos, and oh yes, I leave for three months on another continent in two weeks.

Fortunately, Slicker came in to save you all from a Ruby-less night. I know you’re thanking the heavens on bended knee for that.

I was picking through the photos I took yesterday – trying to shoot black & white with low light didn’t work out so well – when Slicker came in. He stopped for a moment near my chair, hesitated, then turned around.

“No, hang on, come here – I’ll pet you.

“You will?”

“Sure. Come here.”

He trots over and nuzzles my hand. “Oh, good. I was afraid you were busy.”

“Nah, I’m never too busy for you.”

“Good.” He rubs up against my filing cabinet and wanders away, still purring. “That’s nice.”

And he leaves.

“You’re welcome?”


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