UCC, St Finbarr, and books

Still no luggage. I’m really really hoping it comes in tonight, for a multitude of reasons. I’ve been trying to write, but I don’t have enough battery power anymore (currently I’m on a PC in the common room), and I can’t remember the details of my book well enough to feel really productive.

I’ve been reading a lot – I finished the book I brought on the plane, and am six chapters into “The Three Musketeers,” which I purchased today – in hopes of being in the apartment when they call to tell me my luggage has arrived. But I’ve been exploring a lot, too, and this is where the beauty of an unscheduled day appears. I planned this morning to go down to the sidestreets off St Patrick Street, where the Lonely Planet guide said there was a quality chocolate shop and a used bookstore. But on my way, I figured I should stop by the UCC campus and look around. It’s a really beautiful campus – a branch of the river runs right past it, and even the newer buildings are careful to keep in the spirit of their much older buildings. Once I left, I spotted the spires of St. Finbarr’s Cathedral off to my right, and made my way there. I didn’t go inside because a service was starting, but I was the only one around, so I got to take my time examining the facade and wandering the grounds. Eventually I found the bookstore (hence, musketeers), but not the chocolate shop, and made it back just in time for office coffee hour.

The weather here is generally insane. I didn’t need to bother packing for seasonal weather, because Ireland covers three of four seasons multiple times per day. We did get a fair number of sunbreaks, though, which was very nice.

Oh, and we were all joking beforehand about how I might pick up an Irish accent. I didn’t really think it would be possible, but without other Americans to talk to, or even hear, I’m noticing myself speaking differently in conversations. Maybe it’s just that I don’t spend that much time in conversation here anyway (luggage contains my cell phone), and I’m not used to hearing myself speak, but I think I’m drawing out certain vowels and using a different cadence. It’s bizarre.

I’m going to explore a park on the other side of the river, but I intend to be safely off the streets before this Irish Friday night gets too far underway. They’re actually having an American music festival this weekend in honor of the 4th – I may stop by just to hear what they’ll pick.


3 thoughts on “UCC, St Finbarr, and books

  1. An American music fest? I wonder what they’re into there. The Japanese loved American pop and big names. I don’t think many people were into the less well known things.

    Sending some good vibes your way; your luggage will come soon!

    • I was in town a lot and I never actually found any part of the festival – I guess it was all happening inside pubs and stuff. I did see lots of DJs listed, so maybe it was a big rap thing?

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