probably it’s culture shock time

+London is officially booked!
-I haven’t had Internet in the apartment for 3 days.#
-I’m beginning to think the problem is with my laptop, not the network.*
-I also haven’t had hot water for 2 days.
+I went to Kinsale on Saturday and it was beautiful.
+I spent Sunday afternoon/evening watching “Firefly” and writing.
+I got to hang out with the summer school kids Friday and Saturday night, and I met a reader yesterday!
-Did I mention I don’t have hot water or Internet?

*Someone out there has to know something about wireless networks, and maybe they can help me. The only internet access I have is the wireless in the common room. It flat-out stopped working Saturday night. The receptionist said someone came to look at it yesterday, but I still couldn’t connect. This is what happens every time I boot up: The little bubble appears in the corner saying “wireless networks available, click this bubble for more info.” I click the bubble. Two networks are listed, the one I use and a locked one belonging to someone else. I click the one I usually use. It tells me there’s already a profile set up for this network – I can click Back and choose a different network, or click Next and replace the profile. I click Next and it gives me a “connect” button. I click this button and nothing happens. If I click on the wireless button in the Start bar (the one that looks like a radioactive computer), it says no networks are available, and I could press “refresh” until Judgment Day and nothing would show up. Incidentally, if I click “back” on the first screen, it also loses all traces of networks.

I would send all this to Dell customer support, but in keeping with my stretch of bad karma, I left all my computer info at the apartment.


6 thoughts on “probably it’s culture shock time

  1. Hello! Your pics are *AMAZING*! I’m sorry to hear your connection’s giving you trouble. If I were to ask Joe this question, he’d ask when I’d last re-booted. That is his answer to everything. 😉 I’m sure you’ve already done that, but thought I’d better share. I love your door pics–that’s a cool thing to do…

    Gotta scoot; I’m teaching technology to the classified staff for Issy and it’s almost time to start again (lunch is almost over).

    Take care! Say “Hi!” to the queen for me when you’re in London!

    • I have been seriously considering a Mac, or at the very least a not-Dell, but it’s going to have to wait a while. Ah well. Things seem to be back on track now.

  2. What info about your computer do you need? A lot of it on mine is actually just on the bottom of the laptop, and I’m pretty sure that’s all I needed last time I begged Dell for help.

    • I had to run back to the apartment during lunch and get the product code or whatever. They haven’t responded to my message yet, but the internet was working again last night, so hopefully all’s well!

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