It’s pouring.

It’s not exactly cold, but it’s windy and pouring. As the ladies in the office phrase it, it’s “lashing.” Despite growing up in the Pacific Northwest and voluntarily accepting a post in the Great Britain-ish region, this rain thing is a surprise for me. I blame the very nice spring Oregon managed to cough up at the last second, thank you, OREGON.

Three staffers were out on holiday this week, so things in the office have been pretty quiet the last couple days. The decreased numbers plus the rain usually meant that lunch breaks ended with everyone staring at each other and saying “God, I could take a nap.” This coming Monday is a bank holiday, so everyone was especially looking forward to this Friday. I am particularly looking forward to the weekend because my boss delivered unto my desk a huge stack of movies, including 2 Agatha Christies, “Emma,” “Mansfield Park,” and “Monsoon Wedding.” I trudged home in the rain, practicing the strategic art of avoiding curbside puddles when the light is green, and plopped down with a mug of hot chocolate and the miniseries of “Jane Eyre.” (I’m halfway through and I’ve never read the book, so don’t spoil it!)

But I’m going to go out this weekend and take care of a few tourist things I haven’t gotten to yet, specifically the Cork City Gaol and the Vision Centre. If it’s not pouring, I may take the train out to Youghal, a beach resort town. The weather is supposed to be lousy, though, so I’m looking forward to curling up with my BBC adaptations and uh my two new boxes of herbal tea.

Youghal and Galway are my next two destinations, though. I’m still trying to decide if I want to overnight in Galway, since it takes a couple hours to get there, and I can’t really go to Galway without seeing the Cliffs of Moher. And I can’t really say I went to Ireland without going to Galway or the Cliffs of Moher.

At home, the Blue Angels take off in an hour and a half. And I think that makes me the most homesick I’ve been – I can barely remember a summer without the air show. You knew it was August when on a Thursday afternoon you heard a distant roar and looked up to see six black specks crossing the horizon.


One thought on “It’s pouring.

  1. I heard the Blue Angels yesterday and today – your sis saw them today. We will miss you tomorrow during the picnic and show – mark your calendar for next year!! They will be back!

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