keep on keepin’ on

Back to work today. It was Sheila’s birthday, which meant we feasted on cake, fruit, crisps, and all manner of tea cakes during our break. The four who had been out on holiday were back, plus the new assistant started today, so it was a full house, and very welcome after the long weekend. The new assistant is German and she’s here on a language-exchange program of some kind, and she’s very nice, but I think she had kind of a rough first day – with everyone back in the office, there wasn’t a computer for her to use, and once we finished our joint project revising the orientation calendar, she couldn’t really get anything else to do. Tomorrow should be easier for her, hopefully.

As for me, tomorrow I get to give a Powerpoint presentation about how to use Facebook! At first it was only supposed to be for our office, but this afternoon my supervisor decided it would be a great way to introduce the alumni office to what we’re doing with our semester-abroad alumni, so I get to present at their meeting tomorrow morning. Eep.

The weekend was remarkably quiet. I did go out for coffee with Mary at the Crawford gallery on Saturday, but other than that, I was pretty much on my own. There weren’t even any annoying hordes of Italian high schoolers. I finished “Jane Eyre,” “Death on the Nile,” and “Three Coins in the Fountain,” and took some time visiting some of the Cork tourist destinations I hadn’t been to yet, including the gallery and the old City Gaol.

It's way easier to take pictures like this when you have friends with you. I had to wait for the hall to clear so I didn't make a completely fool of myself.

It\’s way easier to take pictures like this when you have friends with you. I had to wait for the hall to clear so I didn\’t completely make a fool of myself.


I also got a cardigan from Marks & Spencer (you know you’re a grown-up when suddenly cardigans are the greatest things ever). It’s navy and long-sleeved and warm and practical…and when I wear it to work with my old-school brown heels and a knee-length gray skirt, it makes me look like I’m wearing a school uniform. Oops.

Also! In one month, I will be in LONDON.



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