Adult life day 1

(I wish WordPress had a “music” feature like Livejournal. Hey everybody, I’m listening to “Summer” by Beatsteaks and it’s pretty cool.)

Today I think I got my first taste of what the rest of my life is going to be like. Work was okay. I’m working on this new project which struck me as seriously above my capabilities, and now after a series of emails, it turns out I might have been sent the wrong draft. So…tomorrow will be interesting.

And then I came home to discover a fly in the kitchen. No, two or three flies. No, actually about TWO DOZEN FLIES camouflaged against the black window frame. I just froze. I don’t have a flyswatter – I have my three-euro slippers and bad aim. And there were TWO DOZEN FLIES and surely as soon as you try to swat one, the others will swarm up in an uncontrollable cloud of buzzing disease and terror. For the moment, they were all just chilling there. I don’t know if something died on my windowsill during the day or if they were trying to get out of a rainstorm or something but they were IN MY KITCHEN and they had not been there this morning and my roommate’s 5-day-old dishes were STILL IN THE SINK so I just went on a rampage and vacuumed the suckers up. And I’m rather hoping my roommate is expecting me to do his dishes because won’t that be hilarious.

However, today I wore my new scarf, and that made things more fun, just like Stacey and Clinton promised. I got it over the weekend at Monsoon on sale for 5 euro, originally 15.

(I apologize for being completely incapable of taking a normal picture of myself.)

Option one: how I wore it today.

Option one: how I wore it today.

Option two.

Option two.

Option three: the headband!

Option three: the headband!

AWESOME.  And 100% silk!

AWESOME. And 100% silk!


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