fascinating part 2

I leave for London in a day and a half! Valerie and I have made a list of the London things we want to do – most of them involve shopping and quirky Victorian attractions. Oh, and we’re going to see a show called “The Woman In Black.” Valerie said it’s the only time she’s actually screamed in a theatre.

My quest for travel-sized toothpaste finally dragged me downtown, where I promptly found the correct size in the first pharmacy I tried. Well, after spending 1.70 to take the bus downtown in the rain, I wasn’t about to just go home, so I wound up in Penneys, which is sort of like Forever 21 only even cheaper.

And I found this:

For 3 euro! It’ll probably fall apart in a couple months, but seeing as how I tend to jump on trend bandwagons at the end of their life cycles, it’s probably for the better.

I also saw three noteworthy people while I was out:
1) a little boy, about 5 years old, wearing his school uniform with his slacks and his little sweater. He was holding a little soccer ball and waving at the fire truck stopped at the light, yelling “Halloo fire brigade!”
2) a woman shopping with her friend while wearing tan Uggs, purple sweats with pink stripes, and a raincoat with pink flowers on it.
And the grand finale, my favorite sighting since Muttonchops Man, 3) an old man wearing a pink argyle sweater under his tweed jacket.


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