highlights from this weekend

Sorry for the unexplained absence! I spent this past weekend running around my alma mater and Corvallis looking at apartments, tracking down old friends, wearing skinny jeans and heels and not falling over, figuring out where the grocery stores are, applying for jobs, and watching tons of “Iron Chef” and “Bridezillas.” (Also, a gem from the Sci-Fi Channel (oh excuse me, SyFy) called “Reptilian.” SyFy, you have redeemed yourself.) The trip was part business and part pleasure – the main goal was to catch up with friends, but I’m also on the hunt for our first apartment. On the plus side, there seem to be plenty of options; on the other, I may have to compromise when it comes to having windows that open and close. Attractive carpet is definitely out of the question, but that’s okay. Really, I just want a dishwasher. It doesn’t even have to be a new dishwasher. Just something that saves me from having to deal with squidgy dish water.

I was also introduced to the second of two reasons* to get a Playstation 3, the first being BluRay capabilities. It’s called Little Big Planet, and it’s narrated by Stephen Fry, and I got to dress my little ragdoll character up with punk pigtails and an Elizabethan dress. It’s a puzzle game, but it’s the least frustrating puzzle game ever, because there are three easy steps to follow when you feel like you’re going to lose your temper:

1. get your character to make a goofy face
2. pull the triggers so he waves his arms
3. wave the controller around to make him dance

And then you go roll the wooden horse down the hill so you can jump up on it and pop the bubbles and get the stickers you needed.  And life is good.

*I know there are a bunch of really great PS3 games available, but seriously, Little Big Planet is the only one you need.


One thought on “highlights from this weekend

  1. How funny, those are two of the biggest reasons I want a PS3, the third being it’s lack of region-locked content. In other words, you can play games from other countries, unlike the Xbox 360. Still, dropping $299 on yet another way to avoid being productive? I can’t bring myself to it; not without a 1080p-capable HDTV.

    “Squidgy” is an excellent word.

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