grizzly ghouls from every tomb

It’s only recently occurred to me that I’m not really doing Halloween this year. It’s a shame, because this is an almost perfect Halloween – it’s a Saturday night and I’m over 21. I actually did get invited to a party, but according to the girl who invited me, it’ll be full of “engineers and drunk people.” Now I know a few engineers, and they are overall pretty cool albeit quiet people who will allow me to commandeer their PS3 to play hours of “Little Big Planet,” but I didn’t know any of the engineers who would be at this party, and at the end of the day, I’m just not a party person. I would like to be, but I’m not.

So currently my plan is to watch some classic thriller like “Silence of the Lambs” or “The Shining,” or maybe a Hitchcock, with a couple high school friends. There will be no costumes; there probably won’t be alcohol; and I can only hope that there will be candy.

This will be fun, but in a way, it’s a little disappointing because I seem to have what others are lacking – a costume. Vanessa described how her costume hunt usually turns out, but for me, it was never a huge problem. This was probably due to having a mom who sewed, and who wanted ample time to create Kirsten’s and Felicity’s Christmas outfits for me. (Gosh, I miss that blue one. I wish everyday life had more excuses to wear ball gowns.)

I think I got less creative in high school, wearing all black and adding a pointy hat and calling myself a witch. For my freshman year of college, I borrowed an 80s bridesmaid dress from a closet – it was light blue, with a high waist and long flowing pleated skirt – added a crown of gold plastic leaves, and went as a Grecian goddess. Sophomore year my friends went as the cast from “Firefly,” but I had already pieced together a 20s-gangster sort of outfit, so I shoehorned myself in as Badger. Junior year, though, our sorority chose Twenties Night as theme for one of the recruitment events, and so I wound up with a super-adorable flapper dress that certainly wasn’t going to retire after only one use. And so for the last two years, I was a flapper. It was fun. I had the fishnets and the fedora and the long necklace and the cigarette holder and everything.

But really, it’s time to take that costume to the next level. I’m hoping next Halloween will be more exciting and I can get someone to do my makeup to transform me into…a zombie flapper.


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