aren’t they cute

The trick-or-treating has begun. Amazingly, it’s not raining, which means that we actually get to see some of these costumes rather than guessing at what’s underneath various poofy winter coats. The day’s highlights include a toddler Yoda wearing a hood with pointy green ears, a three-year-old princess whose crown of roses kept falling in her face, and a kid who I swear was wearing a Scorpion costume.


As we finished dinner, the doorbell rang, and all three of us went to answer. The kids ring again and just in case we hadn’t heard them, they start kicking the door. We all pause and raise eyebrows. Mom’s hand is on the doorknob and we have the candy ready. Outside, though, we hear a little boy’s voice: “Okay, ready? One – two – ”

Mom grins and leaves the door closed. Long pause outside. Again, the boy’s voice, this time louder: “Okay, READY? ONE – TWO – ”

The door remains closed. We’re cackling. Outside another boy pipes up plaintively – “We can SEE you!”

So we open the door. Immediately a ninja, a Jedi, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (Raphael, for those interested) swarm inside. They rummage in the buckets, searching for a Kit Kat. The Jedi picks up an extra Snickers – “For my mom,” he insists.

They rush out again, yelling “thank you” over their shoulders, and sure enough the Jedi deposits the Snickers in his mom’s hands. She waves at us, but as her troupe is preparing to leave, a last little boy dressed as Scooby Doo approaches the step, holding his purple candy bag and what looks a lot like his ninja brother’s scabbard. He stops at the step and looks uncertainly up at us.

“This is Jason,” his mom says cheerfully. “Jason, you have to go up to them!”

So he climbs up the step and carefully lifts out a Crunch bar. “Thank you,” he murmurs, then darts back down the step. His mom calls after him, “Say Happy Halloween!” But he’s long gone.


2 thoughts on “aren’t they cute

    • Aww. It is kind of cute when they don’t talk. You’re like “Oh what cute costumes!” and they just nod shyly and dig for candy.

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