a few cowboys short of a rodeo

I’ve discovered a lot of interesting things while excavating my room and packing. I found the SAT that I took as an eighth grader, and scored better on than most college-bound seniors. I found my old AP test booklets (seriously I have absolutely no reason to have kept them), pamphlets from the colleges (like FIDM) I would have applied to if I had wicked talents, and encouraging notes from my teachers that I’d saved. I came to the slightly depressing conclusion that while I had absolutely no fashion sense, I was quite a bit brighter at age thirteen than I am now.

Because for the last hour or so, I have been scouring my room trying to find a scarf which I know I brought in from the garage like yesterday so where is it this cannot possibly be this complicated.

(A missing scarf, you say; how fascinating. Stick around, for next week we’ll delve into the adventures of moving to a different state. Or at least we will as soon as I figure out internet.)


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