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Wow. We’ve been here for a week already and things are almost as crazy as they were at the start. Most of the boxes are unpacked, but we’re still waiting on a couple items of Kevin’s furniture, which should be arriving next week when his folks drive up. Currently the futon which will serve as our couch is propped up against some of these still-full boxes. We have cable, internet, hot water, lights, a working fridge and dishwasher, and a shower whose main goal is to shred your skin from your bones. Oh, and the cable isn’t exactly working either – the OnDemand hasn’t kicked in yet, and the TV in the bedroom doesn’t seem to connect. But now we can record “NCIS” and “Castle” and watch the “Alien” marathon that’s on this weekend and all kinds of awesome stuff.

But we do not yet have jobs.

I’ve been waiting to hear back about a teller position for about three days now, but I just called to leave a message for the manager, so I’m hoping I’ll hear something, anything, this afternoon. I’m still applying for everything I can find that isn’t in fast food. We’ll see how long my dignity holds out. Even Gamestop is looking appealing, if only for the blog fodder that would come out of it.

Kevin’s mom visited us this weekend and helped us get settled while we drove around the area in search of a bed. Bed-buying, I’ve decided, is up there with visiting the DMV and getting uncomfortable medical procedures in horribleness. The salespeople are pushy, the beds all feel exactly the same, and no one seems to have any idea what a bed actually costs. In the end, we got a bed from Costco and got it home by strapping it to the roof of the SUV, one piece at a time, and dragging it upstairs ourselves. It’s a comfy bed, though, so ultimately it all worked out pretty well…although I could have done without the multiple middle-aged men asking for rides on the mattress while I ferried it out to the parking lot.

But Jessica is coming up this weekend to watch GI Joe (heck yes) and drive around with us to scout out new job opportunities, so that’ll be good fun. We may splurge on Little Caesar’s pizza! Scandalous.


7 thoughts on “oh hey, blog

  1. Hey Laura!!!

    It’s been a long, long time, but I’m so excited for you getting set up down in Oregon. Congrats on the engagement 😀


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