Well, things are moving along here. I picked up a seasonal part-time job at a video store, but that still leaves me plenty of time at home to rearrange the apartment and finally unpack all the office supplies I somehow own. I’m still looking for an office job that won’t require me to operate a cash register. Since I have a lot of time for myself, I have literally no good reason for having forgotten I have a blog, so I’m sorry for the random gaps between updates.

Kevin and I drove up to West Linn yesterday, primarily to eat at Five Guys Burgers but also to do a little more shopping. I salvaged an unused lamp from my dad’s house, but it needed a new shade. You would be amazed how difficult it is to find a lampshade. They all connect to the lamp in different ways, and a lot of the time they’re hideous, and frequently they cost twenty bucks even though they’re ugly. After striking out at Bed Bath and Beyond AND Wal Mart, we wound up at the Fred Meyer within blocks of our apartment. At least we got delicious burgers out of our adventure.

Kevin has a GPS, which has been a lifesaver. Even if you don’t know the address, you can search for a place by name and it’ll find the stores in your area. You can even search by genre, like “Mexican restaurants,” and it’ll come up with a list of suggestions. However, we learned very early on that this is not a foolproof system.

We had just moved in and we were making our first trip to Costco. The GPS took us across town, heading west. We expected this. We knew Costco was out on the edge of town.

We did not expect to suddenly be driving through fields.

Oregon still tends to catch me by surprise, even though I’ve spent most of the last four years here. It’s like the cities are constantly fighting to keep back the encroaching fields and their cows. You’ll be driving pleasantly through intersections with stoplights and all of a sudden you’ll be surrounded by vast spreads of greenery. At any rate, we did not expect a Costco to be planted down amongst the cows.

We pulled over and checked the GPS, which wanted us to turn onto Killdeer Drive in .7 miles. Let me assure you, we could see more than .7 miles in all directions, and there was no sign of a large warehouse-like structure. We both picked up phones and started calling people with access to Costco’s website. Kevin’s mom gave us an address, which we plugged into the GPS.

Which led us to a bus barn.

We pulled over again and I called my dad, who informed us that we had the right address and the right street, but we needed to be on NE instead of SE.

Third time’s the charm.

And now we’re working on a Coscto-sized box of delicious orange chicken.


4 thoughts on “adapting

    • Oh man, I wish I had coffee supplies. I really want to learn to make coffee. I’m trying so hard to learn to like it, and I want to be able to practice at home.

    • Five Guys has one a lot of praise and shout-outs in magazines, but I didn’t really think it was anything spectacular. You do get a huge greasy amazing double-patty burger, and for the money you do get some pretty good fast food, but I wouldn’t go out of my way for it again.

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