I’m reluctant to mention “Twilight” on this blog, partly because I don’t want to make any enemies and partly because I’m tired of people finding my blog by searching for crazy things. Ever since that Halloween costume post, the main search terms that have led people here involve Lady Gaga with or without clothing. I’m a little tired of it, and mentioning the most popular media crazyfest since Harry Potter will probably not help the situation.

But it’s a good story, so it’s worth the risk.

Kevin and I stopped in Hallmark over the weekend and spotted the world’s coolest ornament. We almost got it, but the claws are too brittle, and we’re afraid they would snap off and we’d be left with a significantly less awesome Wolverine. We resolved to get some cheap action figures and attach fishing line to them and make our own geeky ornaments.

Fred Meyer’s toy section let us down, but I did see something interesting on the way out: the Edward Barbie.

Kevin: “Don’t touch that! You’ll get it all over you.”

Me: “I just want to see what it looks like.”

It pretty much looked like a Ken, only with worse hair and maybe paler skin.

Me: “This is literally a mullet.”

Kevin: “Just put it down!”

I was surprised at how many were left, and how few Bella dolls there were. I would have expected a million unwanted Bellas and a shelf barren of Edwards.

Me: “I wonder where all the Bellas are.”

Kevin: “They’re sulking.”

Me: “HA. *high five*”


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