step 2

I got a full-time job! Today was officially my last shift at Video Store Job, and I start my new job on Monday!

We also saw “Avatar” today. And folks – if you can ignore the articles about “white man’s burden” and environmentalism, and if you want to see a visually stunning movie in the realm of “Star Wars” or “Lord of the Rings,” go see “Avatar.” Did you see “Beowulf,” the most recent motion-capture version? Have you noticed how computer-generated characters’ eyes seem lifeless or their movements a little awkward? All of that is gone. The colors, textures, lighting, is all brilliant and natural, even though the entire planet is bioluminescent and inhabited by twelve-foot-tall blue aliens with catlike tails.

Go see this movie. Plug your ears if the dialogue is a little awkward or preachy, because it happens. It’s not perfect, but is is awesome.


7 thoughts on “step 2

  1. Congratulations on a full-time job! Can you give us details, or is it all super-classified government work?

    I saw South Park make fun of Avatar pretty mercilessly, and the trailer made it look like just another action flick, but most of what I’ve been hearing is positive. Dad is absolutely demanding we go see it together. I wonder which company did this ridiculously amazing animation?

    • It’s not super-classified, but since it’s generally not a great idea to blog about work (which is why I never specified what video store I worked at), I’m just going to say I’m doing secretarial work.

      The art and effects are definitely the main reasons to see it, and it’s worthwhile just for that.

  2. Congratulations on the job– that’s really exciting! I heard Avatar was painfully long… and I’m not good with painfully long… I’ll consider seeing it, though.

    • Avatar is 2 1/2 hours long, and it does feel like it sometimes. Super shiny beautiful spectacular effects and animation, but occasional lapses and less-than-stellar dialogue. If the LOTR movies were too long for you, you should probably wait on this one.

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