ovens, and why the cat probably hates us

This morning we made biscuits. Kevin and I are going our separate ways (someday love will fiiiiind youuuuu) for the holidays, so today is the day to clean out leftovers and eat the stuff that won’t keep for the next few days, which doesn’t exactly include Grands biscuits, but whatever.

Using our oven has recently become a bit of a Wild Wild West standoff. Something oozed in the oven a while ago, and now every time we use it, we burn off a little more of whatever’s caked onto the bottom. This morning, when the oven was ready, I opened the kitchen windows and turned on the fan. Only then was it safe to throw open the door, drop in the biscuits and slam the door again.

Making cookies this week was a little more exciting. We made the basic recipe from the back of the chocolate chip bag, and even managed to blend everything together without an electric mixer (gasp!). We sat back down and awaited our delicious cookies.


Nothing smelled smokey. There was no excuse for this.


The cat fled. Kevin and I jumped up to wave towels at the smoke detectors. Turns out only one of them was overreacting, and it was conveniently not the one nearest the kitchen.


We opened all the windows, turned on the fans, and Kevin even used the door as a giant fan. Of course during all this, the cookies finished baking and I had to break rank to pull them out before things got worse.


This smoke detector is located in a back corner where air doesn’t really circulate, so we finally had to prop up an electric fan aimed right at it.

We finally sat back down to enjoy our delicious cookies, but after a couple minutes we realized that cat hadn’t returned to her usual spot on the beanbag chair. She wasn’t under the futon, or on the bed, or eating or anything.

She was hiding in a closet.

She was not thrilled.

Add that to the fact that she’s staying with my mom and sister this week for Christmas, and we’ll be lucky if she ever forgives us. (The real problem is her dealing with two other cats in the house – the reason she lives with us now instead of Kevin’s family is because she doesn’t get along with other cats. I’m sure after the holidays I will have all kinds of fun stories about that. Sorry, Mom, I know you are taking excellent care of her!)


One thought on “ovens, and why the cat probably hates us

  1. WE are taking good care of your beast! No need for forgiving! Your cat has greeted each of us with a hiss and a snarl. Actually, she likes your sis and me just fine, not so much the 2 cats who reside here! No problems so far other than finding her on top of the piano swatting her tail against the antique crystal candle holder from the 1700’s. Her tail made the prisms hit each other and she seemed to enjoy the music… me, not so much. Looking forward to having you home. Remind me to teach you how to clean an oven. 🙂

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