everybody’s gonna love today

2010. It’s so much more satisfying to say. Twenty-ten. We’re finally in the “twenties” now – it’s like the millennium has grown up, matured beyond its “two-thousand” stage. My coworkers have been talking about how incredible it is that Y2K was only ten years ago. You know what else happened ten years ago? “Say My Name” by Destiny’s Child. “Bye Bye Bye” by N’Sync. “Gladiator” won Best Picture. Florida screwed up the vote.

I think Time Magazine called the ’00s the worst decade ever, and while I think that might be a little extreme (1930s, anyone?), it’s pretty clear that everyone is ready to move on and start doing things differently. Every new year presents a chance to check the path you’re on and alter it if necessary. Everyone needs time to evaluate what they want out of life and how to go about getting it. But people tend to quail in terror at the phrase “making resolutions,” which has been slapped onto an important and really not-that-scary goal-making process.

Personally, I’m awful at keeping resolutions. I haven’t officially made any in years, because I end up letting them slide and feeling horrible about myself and giving up and deeming myself a loser. This isn’t healthy or fun or productive. Instead, I’m trying to work little reminders about my larger goals into my daily life. I want to write more. I want to keep working on my relationship with Kevin. I want to do well in grad school. (Well, I want to get into grad school first, but that’s beyond my control now.) I want to live creatively and happily, which means allowing more time for the happy creative things I enjoy doing, like writing and photography and (hopefully) learning how to collage. To accomplish these things, I’m starting to schedule my time better and think about what will really make me happy (and ultimately be the best use of my time) before I sit down to Mario Kart.

I also have to work on avoiding certain things. I’m trying to eat fewer fatty foods. I’m trying to spend less time sitting silently in my cubicle, because my small-talk skills desperately need work. I am determined to reduce the time I spend in pity puddles. (It would be nice if I could reduce the amount of time I spend in front of a screen, but on top of work, we have three new video games in our apartment and it would just be a waste of money if they went unplayed.)

The other problem with resolutions, other than their ability to scare you into quitting before you can even start, is that some of them get repetitive. Maybe this is the fourth year in a row you’ve resolved to work out more, or quit smoking, or become blindingly stylish, or whatever it is you want to do. Maybe you just want to add a little flavor to everyday life, or maybe you really truly want to make a huge change and this is the year you want to do it. Whatever your goal is, put up reminders. Ask your friends to monitor your progress. And at all costs, avoid getting yourself down about it. Nothing hampers your progress more than you telling yourself you can’t do it. So loosen up, type up a goal in huge font, stick it up somewhere, and get started on accomplishing something. For general guidance, inspiration, or just food for thought, here are two lists of suggestions for this year.

Things To Avoid
-boring walls
-traffic tickets
-paper cuts
-biting your cheek
-cheap chocolate
-car accidents
-that negative “friend”
-unused or underused calendars
-movies by the Wayans brothers

Things To Do
-take the stairs
-take the scenic route
-see good movies
-find new music
-try new recipes
-say hi
-donate food
-write letters
-get a plant (and/or keep it alive)
-play Scrabble
-see live music
-ask for the raise
-ask for time off
-bake something for someone
-go on walks
-be thankful
-do crosswords
-do sudoku
-be a role model
-be a model in your closet
-find a charity to support
-indulge in Chinese takeout
-have a little faith

What are you hoping to accomplish this year? Are you making any resolutions? Come, let us discourse.


3 thoughts on “everybody’s gonna love today

  1. I like this post, partially because you have more ‘do’s than ‘do not’s. These are all good resolutions.

    I think this year I am just going to try to worry less about what other people think of me. Somehow, obsessing about other people’s opinions doesn’t seem to make them BETTER. Funny, that.

    • I like having more “do”s. Otherwise you get overwhelmed with negativity and nothing gets done.

      That’s a good resolution to have! Also, I like your new profile pic. I need to take a new one soon, partly because my hair isn’t that short anymore.

  2. I love your list! My goal for this year– and I never make resolutions– is to write down one thing I like about myself for every day of the year. I have a feeling it’ll be hard, but I’m hoping it will really encourage me to love and appreciate myself more.

    And not to make a shameless plug (okay, it’s a LITTLE bit of a shameless plug), but I’m trying to make it a part of my blog every Friday by getting other people to participate in saying generally nice things about themselves in a world that encourages us to be so critical. So if you’re interested in celebrating how cool you are, send me an e-mail.

    Yup, I went there.

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