more fist-shaking at Oregon

I spent my last two years at Linfield in some truly awesome apartments.  They were less than ten years old and they had their own laundry machines and they were always full of cool people to hang out with.

They did not mold.

They were not visited by people concerned about my afterlife.

They were occasionally noisy, being that they were college apartments and Rock Band had recently come out, but whatever.

And okay, I have a lot of reasons to like our current apartment, many of which have already been stated.  Functional dishwasher, shower with a variety of temperatures and good pressure, space for furniture, insulation, heaters, cable, plenty of parking, convenient laundry, etc etc.

I guess I’m just at a blah time of month.  Normally (I think) I don’t complain much.  (My blog posts may often reflect my more indignant side, but that’s what happens on the Internet.) I’m thankful that I have a good job and warm blankets and the ingredients to make lasagna next week and Kevin to drive me to work so we can save money on parking. I have my interviews at OSU this weekend for grad school. Things are generally pretty good.

But this new thing? I’ve been trying to ignore this for a while, trying to chalk it up to heaters or air circulation or having something weird on my hands, but I don’t think I’m imagining it.

All of my clothes – the ones on the closet shelf, in the drawers, hanging up – they are all perpetually, very slightly, damp.

And I am totally sick of it.

I will come home in the evenings, looking forward to losing the stiff button-up shirt and the slacks, and reach for my jeans only to discover they’re clammy. That’s what they are, clammy. Like zombie hands or, I don’t know, shellfish.

I just want my clothes to stay dry in my dresser. I really don’t think this is too much to ask.

So we’ll be spending the next couple weeks searching for a dehumidifier that doesn’t cost $400. Hopefully having one around will also help with the mold, and maybe even save some dryer money since clothes will (holy cow) actually air-dry.

I don’t suppose any of you are dehumidifier gurus? Have you dealt with this kind of thing? Is this a situation where we’ll have to splurge to get a good product, or can we get away with the cheaper version?


3 thoughts on “more fist-shaking at Oregon

  1. Aaaugh that suuuucks. A damp apartment is miles worse than a cold apartment. It would make me feel like I always had to take a shower.

    I regret to inform you that I know absolutely nothing about de-humidifiers. The whole concept is a little Star-Trekky, honestly.

    “The atmosphere has too much water to properly breathe, Captain.”
    “Dude, it’s okay. Strap on your de-humidifiers. Set phasers to…KILL.”

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