things that don’t make sense

1. Not testing all cars in a state for emissions
2. Requiring someone to drive for an hour, hence producing more harmful emissions, in order to test said emissions (this is probably related to #1)
3. Emissions testing in general, because doesn’t it require you to run your car for a while to see how much it’s spewing into the atmosphere? Isn’t that worsening the problem?
4. Taxes
5. Probably several other things but really, #4 is pretty pressing right now so we’ll leave it at that.

Did you guys see the women’s figure skating tonight? The American girl skated to music from “Pirates of the Caribbean,” then spun so fast she gave herself a bloody nose from sheer g-forces. Totally hardcore. I have new respect for skating.


2 thoughts on “things that don’t make sense

  1. 2b. having emissions testings vary state-by-state to such a degree that a CA resident studying in OR must drive the 300-some miles to the border before things can be renewed. wooo.
    also, wow bamf ice skating

    • That is LAME. What, Oregon’s measurements aren’t good enough?

      And yeah, totally awesome. I don’t know where she ended up in the final ranking but she rocked.

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