Post #200!

Hey, it’s my 200th post! And this blog is approaching its first birthday, so I want to do something special. I would like to say that I thought long and hard about what I wanted to write about, but really I’m just losing my ability to prioritize. With working full-time, and cooking, and planning a wedding, and uh trying to work on a book, and wanting to finish that collage I started like a year ago, and not having many ideas to blog about, blogging tends to be the first thing to go. I’ve actually been exercising more than I’ve been posting (if Wii Fit counts as exercise).

But blogging is still important to me, since it accomplishes a lot of tasks – it’s a way to get some writing in, it helps me keep in touch with friends (and make some new ones), and I was able to use it to document my internship last summer. I get a lot of inspiration from the blogs I read, and from the things that inspire them, and some of the blogs I read help me keep in touch with friends I don’t see much anymore and some pretty cool people I hope to meet someday.

So this post is dedicated to them: the ones who got me into blogging, who find hilarious and enlightening things on the Internet, who aren’t afraid to swear and share their art and be generally brave and smart and witty and encouraging.

1. Saturday Jane. Jessica has always been better at The Internet than me. She was reading blogs and webcomics while I was still rolling shamelessly in fanfiction, and now she’s into cool stuff like Reddit that still sort of overwhelms me. We started our blogs around the same time last spring, and I kind of tagged along after her, reading the blogs she read (aka everyone else on this list) and asking her for help when my stupid headers wouldn’t post right. She writes about everything from working out to dogs pooping in her yard to upcoming Pixar movies, and it’s always funny.

2. Already Pretty. Basically, if you’re a girl and you’re having a bad day, all you need to do is scroll through this blog and you will feel invincible. Sally (Sal, usually) has a fantastic wardrobe and an even more fantastic ability to make everyone feel awesome about themselves, no matter what they’re wearing or how much they weigh or whether or not they remembered to put on mascara that morning. If you’re a guy and you’re having a bad day, Sal will probably still try to cheer you up.

3. Lemon Love. Brittney likes photography, hats, the color yellow, antiques, and calligraphy, and all of them appear in joyful abundance in her blog. She’ll alternate posts about the awesome antique clocks she found with posts breaking down her history of collecting (hand-drawn, of course). Be sure to check out her stellar photography while you’re there!

4. Daddy Likey. I may or may not totally worship Winona. She writes for National Geographic, she’s gorgeous, and she’s funny as hell. She entertains us almost weekly with a massive collection of dangerously short skirts. Occasionally her brothers, father, and boyfriend will comment on awkward fashion trends. Oh, and did I mention she has a book published? And now, on top of everything, she has an Etsy shop. Dammit, Winona, you’re too awesome!

5. Chicken Soup for the Dorky Soul. Vanessa is currently on a quest to get everyone to start saying nice things about themselves in a project called Love 365. When she’s not boosting the planet’s self-esteem, she’s posting clips of slam poetry, huge lists of links to fun things (like this totally hilarious tutorial), and accessible articles about the fashion world. Plus her posts are usually accompanied by gorgeous photos she’s tracked down.

So thank you, bloggers, for not being afraid to share yourselves and show the rest of the world what you’ve discovered. And thanks to all of you for reading along! It’s been an absolutely crazy year and it’s been lovely having you all along.


6 thoughts on “Post #200!

    • You’re welcome! I’m not going to blog toooo much about the wedding…if I find something interesting, I’ll probably share it, but I also don’t want to be tied down to blogging about it on top of planning it.

  1. My reply to the “Keep Salem Lame” comment:

    Portland is overcooked. I grew up there and watched it turn from art production to art consumption.
    What happened? Ever heard of the Pearl District? It used to be occupied by real artists, long gone due to the fast high cost of living. Mississippi district – gone the same route. Salem IS lame, and I hope it stays that way. Lameness is what makes Salem awesome. There is good art, culture and food in Salem – it’s just not POP, and let’s hope it stays that way.

    • Well, you’re the first Oregonian I’ve met who actually enjoys Salem. Frankly Portland drives me crazy, but I haven’t seen much of Salem’s “culture” beyond big-box retail and chain restaurants. Even the big summer art fair was geared towards the wealthy looking for a new decoration for their house.

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