Fun in the Real World: In Praise of Post-Its

This is going to be a super-dorky post, but I’m working on appreciating the little things in life, and one of those little things is the office supply closet.

Anyone who’s been to Staples with me knows that I’m fond of the Easy Button and unnecessarily colorful or fun-shaped office supplies. Colored staples, paperclips shaped like treble clefs, and notebooks with Superman on them tend to catch my eye, but alas, I have little need for staples at all, never mind blue ones. You can’t even tell they’re blue once you’ve stapled something, and there goes all the fun. My desk is already overflowing with half-used spiral notebooks, Post-Its of all shapes and sizes, and even a roll of leopard-print tape. (It’s for scrapbooking!) I have no justification for buying pretty paperclips that cost five times more than regular ones.

Cue my office’s supply closet. Behind those industrial metal doors lies a carefully organized collection of pens, notepads, binder clips, highlighters (they even come in purple!), sticky notes, Sharpies, “sign here” flags, tape, staples, even those little cloths to clean your computer screen. It’s definitely illegal to steal from work, but it’s extremely satisfying to know that a variety of colorful mini binder clips await, should I run out while sorting mail.

Our sticky-notes only come in Post-It-yellow, but that’s okay, because the “sign here” flags are the coolest thing since the multicolored Post-It mini cube. The flags themselves are not too useful or exciting, but they’re stored in a container with a thin rubber sheet at the bottom that acts as a suction cup, so when you’re pulling flags, the container stays put. Why yes, this is in fact brilliant. Why doesn’t everything have suction cups at the bottom? Your vases would be un-tip-overable. The cat would be befuddled by her immobile catnip mouse. Garbage cans would stay put while you’re trying to get the stupid too-small bags over the edges. Obviously I have several patents in my future.

But the coolest thing our office has is an adhesive bulletin board. It’s basically a giant strip of flypaper where you can stick documents and such without poking holes in anything. It’s AWESOME and I want one. Imagine how much more satisfying paying bills would be if you stored them stuck to the wall, and then ripped them off to stuff them in their smarmy little envelopes. “Did you remember to sign your check?” Why yes I did, and now there’s a big sticky space on my wall for some pizza coupons.

Aaaanyway. I promise to work on making my posts more exciting. I have a few cooking projects in mind to document, and Kevin and I will be out exploring wedding venues this weekend. I’ve also been thinking about adding photography back into this blog. I used to be in a Livejournal photo community with a few friends, but like a lot of college projects, it’s sort of fallen by the wayside. But my last post was what, a week ago? And I need to do better than that.


6 thoughts on “Fun in the Real World: In Praise of Post-Its

  1. What could be more exciting than a magical adhesive bulletin board? I am dumbfounded by such a thing. If I had one, I would toss random objects at it to see what stuck. Ooh, ooh, what about a room where every wall was completely covered in them, so whenever you wanted to remember something you just threw it at a wall?

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