It’s like two days of Mondays

I don’t know if the cosmos have united or Mercury is in retrograde or what, but my friend and I (both Cancers) have been having a less-than-enjoyable week so far.

Kevin and I had a lovely weekend – it was sunny and in the high 60s both days. On Saturday we went to the Salem Saturday Market and ate deliciously greasy market food and brought home a pie from a mom-&-pop bakery. On Sunday we went out to the Ankeny Wildlife Refuge, which is only about fifteen minutes south of us. It’s a wetland with an extensive boardwalk/hiking paths and tons of opportunities to see wild birds. We took lots of pictures and had a picnic and I saw bullfrogs for the first time.

And then Monday happened. And it was rainy and muggy and even less fun than a usual Monday. It’s a particularly crazy time of year at the office right now, so I’ve been affixing labels to papers for the last two straight days, with the occasional break to distribute mail or stuff envelopes. Not much fun, but it pays the bills, right, and for now that’s supposed to be good enough. I chatted with Kevin’s dad recently, who commiserated with me over the dullness of office life, and went on to reassure me that I’d “get used to it.” Are you kidding? I’m supposed to adjust to this? This is how it’s supposed to go? I wanna go play on the swingset. Ugh.

Part of this “blah” comes from the fact that on April 21st last year, I found out I’d gotten my internship in Ireland. So I’m sort of hoping something excellent will happen tomorrow, like Kevin getting a sweet job offer or me hearing something (anything) from OSU.

Meanwhile my friends are stuck in various overtaxing or just plain awful (or nonexistent) jobs, and things haven’t been going swimmingly for them, either.

Or maybe it’s just a great big cosmic “blah,” and if I’d read my horoscope I’d have known it was coming. Are any of you Cancers? Are you having kind of a bummer of a week too?


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