Things I Like

Oregon springs are always an adventure. It’ll probably rain for a while, it might be unnecessarily cold, but sometimes just to mess with the poor weather guy, it’ll be lovely and sunny. For like three hours. And then it’ll go back to being gray and rainy.

This week, however, has been the most schizophrenic – nay, bipolar – weather week I’ve ever seen. The week has been the jetstream on drugs. You wake up, it’s raining! But later – wait, sun! No, hail! Wait, rain again! Maybe just some clouds. Yeah, clouds. Maybe some more rain. Now a lot of rain. Yeah, it’s pouring. Now sun! Hey, now let’s have some completely uncalled-for thunder. Yeah.

Usually the really awful stuff waits until I’m leaving and walking to the car.

But at some point, June will show up, and the sun is just going to have to come out. I demand it.

In the meantime, we Oregonians (and probably a good many Washingtonians) are going to have to deal with another few days weeks of wintry blues. My favorite method so far has been to keep a little list of Things I Like. You know how it goes, sitting in the office at three-forty-five and seeing the clock slow down, or working on page five of twelve on your essay due Friday, or waiting for a certain university to call back and let you know how the next couple years of your life are going to go not that this has happened. Sometimes you just need a few little things to perk you up.

So here are some of mine. Leave yours in the comments!

-Fridays at 5 PM
-completing a crossword puzzle
-seeing a comment on an online article from someone who isn’t a soulless troll
-Little Big Planet
-secret chocolate stashes
-hitting all the green lights
-wax seals
-starting a new book


8 thoughts on “Things I Like

  1. Evolving a Pokemon
    Gigantic salads
    ‘Preparing’ for a night in
    Stupid drinking games
    Passages in books that make you want to read them out loud.

    • Oh man I would agree with the gigantic salads, but Kevin made absolutely enormous paninis for dinner and now I am excessively full.

  2. taking naps on the couch
    being around critters
    blog surfing
    seeing a show have it’s first audience
    crappy novels
    new cosmetics

  3. (Oregon sounds a lot like Massachusetts, actually, as far as spring whether goes. It was cold and rainy this morning, and now it’s 80 and sunny. It will probably snow later. I wouldn’t be surprised)

    -Only have a couple things left to do before summer break!
    -FINALLY figuring something out in a video game. All by yourself.
    -Puppies. Petting puppies. Best. Thing.
    -Writing late at night with my favorite tunes playing.
    -Colorful skirts.

    • Silly weather. What’s with this variety. Obviously it should be 75 and sunny all the time.

      Heehee, I’m never dedicated enough to figure out something in a game myself. Whenever I find a new place in Fallout 3, I just go online to see if there’s anything worth doing there.

      Ohhh and late-night writing. We have a love-hate relationship. I love it because I actually get stuff done, but I hate because it’s the ONLY time I’m really productive.

  4. -Finally doing whatever thing I’ve needed to do for, like, the past two weeks
    -Completing a Sudoku puzzle
    -Nailing a tricky Guitar Hero solo
    -Driving the Miata
    -Good “that’s what she said” jokes

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