And my childhood goes swirling down into the abyss

I didn’t really think I had anything to write about. I figured I would just take another night off. Wouldn’t be the end of the world, I know we all have things to do.

But then I went to Twitter and I found a topic, and I so deeply wish I hadn’t.

They’re taking out Star Tours. This summer. And replacing it with a podrace ride.

Remember when Mattel bought American Girl, and when Disney bought Marvel? This is so much worse. This is so incredibly much worse. Star Tours was my favorite ride. It’s a hallmark ride at those parks. It’s dang fun and a welcome break from all the princesses.

And I understand the need for change. They need to keep things fresh. But would anyone really complain if Disney put in a second Star Wars ride? That way the little ‘uns reared on the Clone Wars, the parents, and the older kids who were considering going to Disney World on their honeymoon (cough) will all be happy.

But no. As of July 27th (Disneyland) and September 8th (Disney World), Star Tours will be gone.

I’m going to go sob over a pint of ice cream now.


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