letter to the laundry room

Dear kids who were doing laundry tonight,

I admit I judged you too quickly. You were occupying all the dryers and you’d left socks everywhere and I was bummed about having to do laundry in the first place. But then one of you sacrificed your own quarters to the broken dryer, and warned the rest of us so we didn’t lose our money too. And on top of that, you came back to put “out of order” signs on them!

That left us with only four dryers, though, all of which were in use. I guess you guys are all done at Willamette now, so you’re doing all your laundry at once? Anyway, there wasn’t too much time left on those dryers, so I hustled back to the apartment to get the wet laundry prepped for when a dryer became available. In the meantime, I scribbled some signs to stick on the broken dryers – this is when I discovered the signs you guys put up. And not only were the dryers taken care of, but another guy was in there, emptying his dryer early.

“Are you done?” I asked.

“Yep. And there’s still time left, you get to save a quarter.”

“Awesome! You rock!”

So now our clothes are drying and you guys made the whole experience a lot more pleasant. No one else will waste their quarters in the broken dryers and our stuff will be super-duper dry. Thanks!


PS: this post now holds the world record for mentions of “dryer”


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