Wedding fun

Okay so this weekend has been long and fun and emotional and tiring. My sister graduated Friday night (yay Katherine!) and I hung out with Tess in Seattle while my sister went to the school-run all-night party. I didn’t really realize how much I miss cities, but…I miss cities. I miss Seattle. I miss having loads of people around and having shiny new buildings towering over you and a new shop everywhere you look. Finally having sunshine probably helped with this idealism, but it wore off a bit after Tess described the ordeal of urban grocery shopping. Still, it made me realize that I’d like to come back to this corner of the world to live someday.

I brought a couple wedding magazines home for my mom to look through to get ideas for the flowers she’s doing for a friend’s wedding this fall. In college, whenever we got a wedding magazine, all three of us would go through it with a different-colored pen to mark what we liked.

Mom: “So…you liked this wrap thing?

Me: “Is the page dog-eared?”

Mom: “No…?

Me: “Oh, then it’s not mine. Mine are dog-eared.”

This particular magazine was chock-full of dresses, like four per page, and many of them had been marked up. At one page my mom started laughing.

Me: “What?”

Mom: “Who was the black pen.”

Me: “Oh, I don’t know. What does it say?”


Me: “Oh, that would be Jessica. Yeah. We didn’t like that one.”

She also doesn’t like many of the styles in here. I don’t blame her – most of the models have terrible hair and they’re scowling, and their dresses are coated in feathers or strange ruffles, or their bodices are sheer lace.

Mom: “See?? Where is this one appropriate?”

Me: “…New Jersey?”

Mom: “Oh, and look at THIS one! Her groom will see her and think ‘what happened?’

Luckily my own gown try-on session went very well. I might actually have a favorite, for real this time. It’s nice to be moving along with the decision-making process, particularly since after we make a deposit on the venue, we won’t really have to worry about anything else until this winter. Yay!


4 thoughts on “Wedding fun

    • It’s a fun one, particularly in all-caps. Although I just realized I own a shirt that technically has awkward boob roses on it… 😦

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