Wonder Woman’s new outfit?

Huge news today, folks. Everyone from Fox News to the BBC has weighed in on Wonder Woman’s redesigned costume. I’m not sure I buy it, first of all. They tried to change Superman’s outfit ten or so years ago, and if you didn’t hear about it, that’s because it was awful and didn’t stick.

Electro-Superman! Yeah...

Their reasons for wanting to change up Wonder Woman’s costume are legitimate. After all, Wonder Woman isn’t supposed to be a “vixen” as labeled in Fox’s article – she’s six feet tall and can (and will) kick your ass. She’s Amazonian, for crying out loud. But we’ve gotten to the point where Megan Fox’s name has been tossed around in the potential casting of the potential Wonder Woman movie, and that is the least okay thing I have ever heard of.

So for the 600th issue, the creators threw in a plot twist involving memory loss and gave her pants, spurs, and a starry biker jacket.

I’m totally okay with the pants. I also like the way the design incorporates the Greek accessories and updated the gauntlets. And I have reluctantly accepted the spurs after Jessica pointed out they’re a typically male symbol of power, and I brilliantly deducted that the spurs go with the lasso. (Hurr.) I even like the choker necklace.

The jacket, however? I do not like the jacket. It reminds me of my Hollywood Hair Barbie.

Man, mine never looked that good. And I think I lost the earrings.

What do you guys think? Is the change blasphemy? Is it pretty cool? Is this all irrelevant because the old costume will be back in a month anyway?

In other geek news, Jessica and I are going to attempt a viewing of “Avatar: The Last Airbender” tomorrow night. It’s currently at 6% on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s probably going to be awful, and but I maintain hope that it’ll be a fun “Speed Racer”/Sci Fi Original kind of awful.


2 thoughts on “Wonder Woman’s new outfit?

  1. I love the way the pants look like armor! I’m sure that’s completely the point, but still, it reminds me of Zero-suit Samus, who is also an ass-kicking heroine. As for the jacket, nothing gives off an aura of attitude quite like half-length, bunched-up denim. It’s alluring and dangerous in an 80’s sort of way. But the stars! What is it with girls and stars? Every single woman with a tattoo at my workplace has incorporated stars in some fashion. But Wonder Woman has always had stars, hasn’t she?

    • I am still not convinced about the merits of the jacket. The 80s fierce look worked for the likes of Linda Hamilton, but I don’t think it works for the 21st century. I can’t explain the female interest in stars, but yeah, they were part of Wonder Woman’s original Nazi-killing look.

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