writer’s block or laziness?

Apparently time goes faster after college. Summer is already two-thirds over. I’ve been living in Oregon for eight months. And my last post was a whole week ago.

I’ve been trying to think of something interesting to write about, I really have. I could fangirl over the awesome Carbon Leaf concert and how everyone sang along during their acoustic version of “One Prairie Outpost” and how they performed a cool cover of “Rocky Road to Dublin” during the encore and how I really wish I could have a pocket-sized Carter to play awesome guitar for me all the time. I could fess up to getting Xbox Live again after years of absence. (We figured Kevin has a job now, we can spend $20 on some seriously mindless entertainment. I still have one novel, one YA trilogy, and two short stories in the works, thank you very much.) But those things don’t exactly occupy an entire blog post. Oh, I could tell you about the absolutely massive hairball the cat hacked up today, that was special. And one of Kevin’s friends is visiting on his way up to Canada, so we finally went out tonight and tried the McMenamin’s that’s right nearby. The food was actually pretty delicious, and their house cider is pretty dang good.

But again, not worth a whole post.

I checked out my stats (thank you to the 15 of you who continue to check up on me every day!) and saw WordPress’s link to Plinky, which is supposed to be a cure for writer’s block. I never really considered having writer’s block in terms of my blog; writer’s block was just something that made it impossible to work on a book or stalled me on a paper. But hey, maybe I just need some inspiration to churn out a good post.

Plinky, away!

Plinky says to write about my weirdest pet peeve.


Well, let me tell you, I have approximately three kajillion pet peeves, as anyone who has lived with me for more than two weeks probably knows. It bugs me when dirty dishes don’t go straight into an empty dishwasher. It bugs me when apostrophes are misused. It bugs me when people say “excape.” It bugs me when people crack their joints. It bugs me when online news articles are rushed to publication and posted missing capitals or with misspelled words.

Okay, a lot of my pet peeves relate to grammar.

But I couldn’t tell you my weirdest one. I have some weird compulsions, like needing to fix the tags sticking out the tops of people’s shirts, or correcting people when they make incorrect references to Star Wars, but those aren’t necessarily pet peeves. I’m guessing, though, that some of these are shared pet peeves. I know I’m not the only one who hides an eyeroll when someone says “excape.” So what bugs you guys?


2 thoughts on “writer’s block or laziness?

  1. I’m definitely guilty of saying “excape” all the time. Would it be better or worse if I took to Dory’s “ess-ka-pay”? Also,”Dirty dishes go where?” could describe the constant state of my apartment’s kitchen senior year, and it drove me up the wall.

    My biggest pet peeve is probably people skipping meals. I can understand missing breakfast, but everyone always needs to make time for lunch and dinner, and not everyone I know always does.

    • I just don’t get how people CAN skip meals. It baffles me that the hunger mechanism can shut off for such a long time, I usually get hungry between meals no matter what.

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