On being role models

Kevin and I finally made it to Lincoln City last weekend. The weather wasn’t great – in fact, we stopped by the Eddie Bauer outlet specifically to get me a jacket – but I’d been wanting to go to the beach for weeks so I didn’t mind much. Our first stop was our favorite fish & chips place, J’s, home of light and delicious cod and curly fries. We hunkered down with our iced tea and root beer and waited for our heavenly baskets of fried goodness to arrive. In the meantime, Kevin started scratching on the side of his styrofoam cup with his fork.

“Whatcha doing?”

“Nothing.” Which always means something.

Eventually he turned the cup around to reveal the heart he’d drawn. He beamed and we giggled, and then I noticed the woman at the table next to us laughing at us. At first I couldn’t figure out why – she couldn’t have seen what Kevin was doing – but then I noticed her little three- or four-year-old daughter, plastic fork in hand, poking at the side of her cup.

“Kevin, look – you’re setting a bad example.”

He turned around halfway through adding our initials and an arrow to his heart. The girl glared at him, not wanting to be interrupted, and showed off her handiwork to her father. “It’s an ‘A,'” she announced.

I’m just glad the mother thought it was hilarious, rather than hating us for teaching her daughter to potentially poke her eye out, otherwise our lunch would have been very awkward.

Later we saw these totally epic kites:

And I finally finished “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.” Pretty good weekend. And tomorrow another one starts! Awesome!


3 thoughts on “On being role models

  1. I had a similar thing happen because I always do that thing with my straw wrappers where I scrunch them up and drip liquid on them and they “grow” and my cousins were definitely intrigued. Their four-year-old motor skills made their science experiment a little messier than mine. Also, I’m jealous about Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I want to read it but the waiting list at the library is over 200 people long.

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