The most fabulous person ever recorded for television.

America’s Got Talent has been a little hit-and-miss this season. I’ve seen my favorite dance groups get sent home, and I’ve seen lackluster singers stick around far longer than they should. So why do I keep watching? I mean, there are a variety of more productive activities I could choose from. Writing. Doing dishes. Annoying the cat.

Two words: Prince Poppycock.

I’m thrilled and a little surprised that he’s gotten all the way to the semifinals. I wrote about him weeks ago and hopefully created at least one new fan (Right, Vanessa?)

But after last night’s performance, I decided Prince Poppycock deserves a grander homage. We find out tonight if he’s making it to the final or not, so while we wait, educate yourselves on this flamboyant and fantastically talented artiste.

First up, the marvelous audition.

Next, Prince Poppycock’s fabulosity is only slightly diminished by being sick.

Now there are lights! And a wig made of feathers! And some totally insane platform heels!

Last night, he said he was doing “something different,” and we got a brief glimpse of thigh-high white pleather boots. My heart sank. He was changing things. He was going to show up as a Rocky Horror Picture Show character and sing “Alejandro” instead of arias. He’d be terrible and he wouldn’t be voted through and we’d be Poppycock-less and I’d never be able to watch TV ever again, so deep would be my grief. But the very last line of his song erased all doubt from every mind.

Have you guys been watching the show? Are you Prince Poppycock fans? In case you think we’re totally crazy, we’re also rooting for Michael Grimm, Defying Gravity, and Alice Tan Ridley. I miss the Kruti Dance Academy and RNG. Who are you rooting for?


2 thoughts on “The most fabulous person ever recorded for television.

  1. I don’t watch this show, but it was you who first introduced me to Prince Poppycock and I’m in love with him. IN LOVE. He’s a great singer and soooo fabulous.

    • He is SO fabulous. I adore him, and I hope that even if he doesn’t win, he gets cast in his own Broadway revue or something.

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