Fun Food Followup!

Today seemed to be a little warning shot from fall. Last night was chilly, and it rained all morning today. The afternoon got nicer, but it’s still nippy, as if autumn is lurking nearby, waiting to drench you in sudden downpours and plunge you into darkness at 4:30 in the evening. Autumn prefers to ambush its prey, then devour it slowly as it weeps for the warm, bright days of summer.

Not that I have a problem with Oregon weather.


I’m hoping this upcoming three-day weekend (!) will be nice, but even if it isn’t, we got one last spectacular summer weekend at the Oregon State Fair. The weather was pretty much perfect – not too hot, but not raining, with a nice breeze now and then. Occasionally the peaceful sky was interrupted by a couple of daredevils who went slingshotting screaming into the sky on one of those rides you end up seeing on America’s Funniest Home Videos. (Apparently those people are loaded, too – did you know it costs $25 to go on that thing?!)

Jessica and Taylor came with us, and between the four of us, we managed to chow through a bloomin’ onion, ice cream, corn dogs, scones, yakisoba, and burgers. In penance, I have been eating double fruits and vegetables at lunch and dinner. We also paid a visit to the ducks, cows, chickens and rabbits on display – particularly the chickens, Jessica has a thing for those – and meandered through the aisles of prizewinning quilts.

Seriously, these quilts are so gorgeous that even the guys were impressed.

We wandered around for about four hours, slowly filling up with calories and trying mightily to burn them off as we went. We pretty much ended up with tired feet and overstuffed bellies, but it was a spectacularly fun day.

Bunnies! Hard to go wrong with bunnies.

Hopefully you’ve been to some kind of fair. It’s one of those all-American experiences you just gotta go through sometime in your life. To be fair, I’ve only been twice, but it’s something I’m beginning to look forward to each year. Where else can you go to see prize-winning pies, hypnotists, Native American demonstrations, theme park rides with names like Kamikaze and Ghost Pirates, deep-fried Twinkies, and ZZ Top all in the same place? Not to mention the people-watching, holy moly.

My goal this year was to document the many ways by which you can kill yourself by eating. The focus was mainly on deep-fried things, because…well, there were a lot of ’em.

Every year it seems like there are new and insane inventions involving frying things that should never, or maybe could never, be fried. Deep-fried Twinkies appeared on the scene a few years ago, followed by deep-fried candy bars. Apparently the Texas State Fair has even produced deep-fried butter. (Argh, my heart is seizing up just from thinking about it.) Here are a few we spotted:

The bloomin' onion. I'm not sure there's any onion actually left in there.

Pretty sure this is a funnel cake coated in chocolate and mini marshmallows.

And this is the healthiest thing available! See, it has fruit in it!

We shared this elephant ear...

...only to discover we'd missed out on the Wooly Mammoth Ear.

The one that got away this year was deep-fried Dr. Pepper. I’m not even sure how that’s supposed to work – do they freeze it first? Is it part of the batter?

Other goodies, not necessarily deep-fried, were this epic burger:

And this seemingly innocuous burger, which is actually made with a donut instead of regular buns.

A team preparing for the BBQ cookoff. We got a sample of steak and it was truly scrumptious.

And this post has successfully kept me from getting hungry for the rest of the week. Blugheflgherg.


2 thoughts on “Fun Food Followup!

  1. Woo. Looks delicious. . . .except not. Honestly there are some things that just don’t even sound appetizing. haha. It’s ridiculous the lengths we will go to clog our veins and arteries!

    Sounds like you guys had fun though!

    • Heehee, yeah, the donut burger just sounds revolting. We considered trying a deep-fried Snickers, but after eating two lunches, we just couldn’t handle the thought of any more food.

      Probably a better outcome for our hearts anyway.

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