everything is gonna be alright

Sometimes that one song comes up in your Itunes or wherever and you mood instantly goes up ten points. You could be having the worst day, but that song comes on and things don’t seem so bad. Two of mine (and probably more I can’t think of) come from the ends of movies, probably because they’re always connected to the “happily ever after.” The rest are (surprise) love songs.

Everything” by Michael Buble. It might be a little overplayed at this point, but I still think it’s a sweet song. It’ll definitely be in our wedding somewhere.

“You and I” by Ingrid Michaelson.

Ingrid Michaelson has a unique way of singing about love. She usually sounds like she’s heartbroken and elated at the same time in every song. It can be weird, but that’s how love goes sometimes. But this song is about 98% pure cheerfulness, and it encapsulates the way I try to look at love and relationships. Yep, let’s get rich and do fun things for the people we know and damn the consequences, because we’ll be happy together.

I’m sure I’ve shared this one before, but:

“Slumdog Millionaire” isn’t an easy movie to watch, but the dance sequence during the credits is one of my all-time favorite scenes. That particular video doesn’t have as much Bollywood dance goodness, but it was the best I could find.

First Place: “You’ve Got A Friend In Me” by The Gipsy Kings, from the finale of “Toy Story 3.”

It’s pretty hard to get more warm fuzzies than that. Maybe if you set the song to kittens frolicking with sea otters.

So what tunes make the world rosier for you?


6 thoughts on “everything is gonna be alright

  1. Life Less Ordinary is one of my favorites, it ALWAYS puts me in a better mood. In fact, I’ve made it my alarm in the morning so I get a pleasant “Hey, it’s morning, let’s get out of bed and have a great day.” Intead of “AHHH wake up!! You’re going to be late! Go, go, go!”

    • Same here! I don’t know why I started using my phone for an alarm instead of music – it’s much less pleasant to wake up to ringtone tunes.

    • Hi Big! How’s it going?
      Hey, Jessica just gave me that New Shoes song. It’s cute! Definitely a feel-good song. And I love “The General,” but oh golly, that one just makes me tear up. I know it’s about forgiveness and redemption and soldier boys getting to go home to their mothers, but…*sniffle*

  2. “Life Less Ordinary” is absolutely fantastic. It’s such a beautiful, sweet song. I actually had never heard it until I got my current laptop, which came with some random songs already in it and that was one of them. I work at a restaurant that does a lot of weddings and one time a couple decorated all the tables with lyrics from different love songs, and this one of them. It was really adorable.

    • Aww, that’s a cute idea. I’m glad Carbon Leaf got a song exposed like that – they’re a great band and I could go on forever about Barry’s lyrics. ❤

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