The All-British Field Meet (hint: not a sport)

I am by no means a car buff. I can ID most makes and models, and I love peeking at the concept cars in magazines, but once you get into horsepower and suspension and chassis, I kinda glaze over. Does it go fast? Is it pretty? Great. Done. Let’s go check it out.

That’s sort of how I felt during last weekend’s British car show up at the Portland raceway. I’m sure lots of those owners would have liked to talk about the cylinders and the filters and the RPMs, and certainly some of those cars had been refurbished with nice shiny new engines, but really, I was just there to see some sweet old cars.

Luckily there were loads.

(I went through these pictures and discovered my reflection is in pretty much all of them. Whoops.)

Best Mini roof ever.


This car had hella lights! Hurr hurr.

For your next outing to Jurassic Park.

Apparently this is the Austin Powers car...Kevin has seen the movies, I haven't, but I think this is a dang fun car.

You know what this race needs?

That's better.


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