Introducing: Average Fantastic!

Fact: I am not a supermodel.

Fact: I do not know any supermodels.

Fact: I still like to do photo shoots, and so do my friends.

Fact: Several of the blogs I follow address body image and fashion, and while I don’t go into that much on my own blog, I felt like somehow contributing.

Conclusion: Average Fantastic!

Jessica cooked up the idea to use our photo-shoot obsession as a tool for emphasizing every woman’s individual, unique, and decidedly un-average beauty. ‘Cuz there’s no such thing as “average-looking” when you think about it. Average is a math term, and you are not a number.

So far, we’re just working with people we know and can get to without driving eight hours. Jessica and I did the first shoot on our own, and we roped Tess in for the second shoot when we went up to Seattle last weekend. Eventually we want to involve more people – we’ll be accepting submissions and we may even arrange shoots with readers in the area. We have been literally risking our lives to bring you this blog, so you better enjoy it! So far we have suffered bruised knees, scraped stomachs, and lightly twisted ankles. Actually, most of that was Jessica. She’s a true artist, suffering for her craft. We have a whole list of totally awesome themes lined up, and we’re pretty excited to see where this project goes from here!

Here are a few teaser pics. For the rest, check out the blog!

(End shameless self-promotion. FOR NOW.)

Want to join the fun? You bet you do. If you live in the state, give us a shout – if you live out of state, send us your stuff! Come have fun with us!


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