Blogroll: Meet some new friends!

One of the most fun things about starting Average Fantastic is meeting some great new readers.  It’s introduced me to some new bloggers and inspired me to get back in touch with the ones that had fallen off my radar.  I found some fun food blogs, cute and inspiring fashion blogs, and even a book blog!

At the moment, Inner Cupcake is doing a 30-for-30 wardrobe project, which gets participants to select 30 items of clothing to make outfits from for 30 days.  It’s a lot harder than it sounds. She’s also a fellow Anthropologie fan, and I plan on hunting through her own blogroll over the next few weeks to check out the blogs wholly devoted to Anthropologie clothing.  Be still my heart!

Interrobangs Anonymous runs in the same line as Academicchic, in which a group of gals daringly show off their fashion every day.  They also have tips for sweet projects like reverse tie-dying.  Plus, they have fantastic taste in music!

Weesha (real name LuAnne) stopped by to commiserate about being kept awake by cats, so I went calling on her blog, Weesha’s World, in return.  Turns out she was born in India and lives in Dubai (!) and she’s been featured on TV and a bazillion other websites.  She has a fierce style and fabulous hair, and yes, her cats are adorable.

Tess introduced me to The Pioneer Woman ages ago, but I lost track of her blog until recently.  Ree Drummond left the big city behind and married a cowboy (yes, really) and began blogging about her beautiful children, delicous recipies, and stunning photography.  (Apparently she’s also ridiculously, unbelievably, incredibly famous – her giveaway for a gorgeous Le Creuset French oven *drool* has over 21,000 comments.)

Amanda (another Anthropologie fan) writes with passion and fury about a variety of things in Blog for No One In Particular.  She recently got back from Australia (what) and I’m still marveling over her epically-long Life List.

I haven’t really had the opportunity yet to be a “party person,” but I hope to throw my share of swanky dinner parties someday.  When I do, Liqurious will be my resource for crafting a gorgeous cocktail.  Bloggers and food writers submit their drink ideas (like cider served in cups made from apples) and visitors can search for their favorite ingredient or recipe.

Tegan of TSquared stopped by Average Fantastic for our first Dear Reader segment, and I figured I had a new friend as soon as I saw her About section: “I’m a vaguely vegan voracious reader, blogging about what I’m reading and eating.” Books? Food? Together? Awesome.

Smitten Kitchen squeezes a mind-boggling assortment of goodies out of a microscopic NYC kitchen.  Everything has been sorted by food group, holiday, and main ingredient, and each recipe is accompanied by lovely photos.  If you’re totally overwhelmed by the sheer number of delicious options, just click on “Random” for a surprise treat, like Vegetable Dumplings, which I am one hundred percent going to try.  Or maybe the Quiche Lorraine.  Or how about the grilled cheese & cream of tomato soup? Or maybe – yeah, here we go – 44-Clove Garlic Soup. Oooh.

For dessert, swing by Orangette for a recipe for whole-wheat chocolate chip cookies.  Not only is she the kind of gal to make whole-wheat chocolate chip cookies, her game nights with friends involve roasted dates and steamed mussels served over Settlers of Catan.

Have you found any cool new blogs lately?  Share them in the comments!


3 thoughts on “Blogroll: Meet some new friends!

  1. Well, there goes my whole morning! Thanks to you, while I’ll have an amazing time looking at all these blogs, the interpretive signs on sugar beet manufacturing I’m supposed to be working on won’t write themselves. Eh, whatcha gonna do?

  2. Oh wow! Thank you for the mention and the addition to the blogroll- it has unexpectedly become a real blog now that other people are reading it, where I was just thinking it would be a way to talk about clothes, etc with a couple close friends. I love Smitten Kitchen, but now I’ll have to check out these other links that you’ve mentioned. And I’m looking forward to going through your posts as well- I’m loving Average Fantastic and also what I’ve read here so far.

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