Cooking Adventures: Spaetzle!

We’ve been having cooking nights with Breck for the last few months, but we hadn’t seen much of him lately thanks to a long-term substitute-teaching gig in another city.  This weekend, though, we got back on track and attempted spaetzle.  Breck returned from a semester abroad in Austria with an authentic German cookbook and a genuine spaetzle press, and since he’s a pretty darn good cook, he mastered spaetzle pretty quickly.  He’s actually made it for us before, but after making a double batch last week, we decided to make it a team effort.

The end goal was cheesy spaetzle, which includes some kind of cheese and some kind of sausage (we’re not too picky).  It’s also highly recommended that you throw in some garlic and onions, for that extra dose of German-ness.

Have a bowl of cold water ready to drop the freshly-boiled noodles in.

We used pepperjack cheese (apparently cheddar gets too oily) and chicken sausage.

The spaetzle press at work.

This is where the teamwork comes into play. One person needs to spoon the batter into the press while the second person holds it in place, then presses down and exudes the batter into the pot. Delish.

Spaetzle almost ready - casserole dish layered with sausage, cheese, and minced garlic.

Even though this was the second half of a double batch, we made so much food we needed to use two dishes. Two dishes full of meaty, cheesy, noodly deliciousness.

The finishing touch: caramelized onions.

Made any awesome dishes lately? Tell me about it!


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