how not to run a radio station

It’s Christmas music time at the radio station we listen to at work.  You’d think this would be pleasant, and initially it was.

However, it became clear after only three and a half hours that we’re in for a long holiday season.

There are hundreds of Christmas carols out there.  Very few of them are too religious to play on a secular station.  Dozens of artists (including some very classy ones like Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble, and Pink Martini) have covered them.  But no, we’re getting re-runs of tacky, cheesy covers of “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree,” hour after hour.

These counts were taken during the three and a half hours we actually listened to the radio today, excluding the hour I was away for lunch.  Around quarter to two, the following this conversation occurred:

Boss: “It’s great having Christmas music! It’s so cheerful!”
Me: “It is, but this is the third time they’ve played this song today.”
Boss: “Oh, really? Find a new station.  It’s okay.  I prefer to wait until after Thanksgiving anyway.”

I’m sure we’ll be back to 103.3 in a few weeks, but not until their playlist gets a little more variety than this:

Carol of the Bells: 3
Jingle Bell Rock: 4
Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree: 4
It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas: 3 (two of those separated by only one song)
Sleigh Bells: 2 (the same version twice in two hours)


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