Being thankful

In no particular order.
-the resilient Jeep
-Kevin, who loves me so much it baffles me sometimes
-my friends, on whom I rely for almost everything
-my job
-heaters and warm clothing
-my mom, who has more strength and courage than any mom should need
-an apartment with a dishwasher
-all the people who want to help with DIY wedding stuff
-you, my dear reader
-time to write
-good vision
-books, books, books
-the Linfield friends and faculty who continue to keep in touch
-getting hugs and kisses whenever I need them
-Robin Oliveira, who encourages me
-the many cats who flit in and out of my life
-Scott at First Presbyterian Church of Bellevue, who is always happy to see me
-holidays in general
-healthy friends and family

What are you thankful for?


One thought on “Being thankful

  1. oooh. wishing that i had read this days ago!!! we have many of the same items on our lists. mine includes having an awesome grown up daughter who is willing to share her life with me! hugs and love!

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