Psychic Significant Others

Have you ever lived with someone so long that you sort of started reading each others’ minds?  When Tess and Jessica and I were roommates, we developed the “psychic roommate vibe” which enabled us to finish each others’ sentences with unnatural frequency.

It also made us pretty dang good at Pictionary.

Now that I’ve lived with Kevin for over a year, I’m beginning to notice a similar psychic tendency developing between us.  Unfortunately, it’s not just simple cutesy stuff like finishing each others’ sentences – I’m pretty sure we are actually reading each others’ minds.

Months ago, Kevin randomly sang a few lines of a song: “I put my hand upon yo hip, when I dip, you dip, we dip!”

I had never heard that before, but it sounded like the kind of hip-hop music that Kevin doesn’t normally listen to.  I stared at him.  “What was that?

“I’m sorry, oh jeez, it’s a terrible song.  I don’t even know who does it.  They must have used it in a commercial or something because it’s stuck in my head.”

Months passed.   We never spoke of that song again.  Then, a couple nights ago…

“Arg, I have that ‘I dip you dip we dip’ song stuck in my head.”

Kevin just stared in shock.

“I know, you said it’s a dumb song, but I only know those two lines you sang that one time – ”

“No, it’s not that – it’s stuck in my head too.”

Cue freaked-out stares.

We decided something we’d heard on TV had used a similar rhythm, or mentioned “dipping,” or something, because the only other explanation would be that we’re psychic, and that would just be weird.

The really scary thing is that it’s happening more and more often.  I decided to make an Excel spreadsheet to better keep track of my spending, only to have Kevin tell me he’d started his own the day before.  Sometimes Kevin will text to ask if he should start dinner or laundry after I’d been planning to remind him about it all day.  We will suddenly magically agree on a wedding planning piece that had previously been an apparently insurmountable obstacle.  There have been other incidents – lots of them, nowadays – but I can’t remember any more specifics.

What’s your explanation for this?  Has it happened to you?


5 thoughts on “Psychic Significant Others

  1. Oh, goodness me, all the time!

    My close group of friends and I became so close that people thought we were sisters, even though we all look nothing like one another.

    And my sweetie and I are masters at knowing what the other person is going to say before they say it. And not just predictable stuff, but really specific phrases.

    The kicker: One night at a sleep over in college, my friend and I both heard a Celine Dion song we’d never heard before…while we were sleeping. The next day we’re driving home and we both starting singing this song that we didn’t know we knew (’cause of the whole sleeping thing) at the exact same time. Duh duh duuuuhhhh!

    • Eek, getting a song stuck in your head because you heard it in your sleep? That’s just unfair! It’s like your brain is playing a subconscious prank on you.

  2. A great book would be Blink by Malcolm Gladwell (I think that’s the title, but anyway, one of his books)
    But he talks about how people pick up subconcious cues from one another and their environment, it just happens so fast we don’t even realize it.
    I imagine when we spend a lot of time with someone (because this happens with me and my besties too) that we pick up on their cues easier because we know the “language”.
    But of course, that’s just my theory 🙂

  3. This definitely happens to me and the bf (and it’s happened with really close friends too). I’m game for buying the picking up on clues quicker than the conscious mind registers, since your brain is pretty awesome (I’m in neuroscience, so I should know), but what really weirds me out is when it happens when we’re not together. Like when I’m in the middle of texting the bf and he calls me. Unfortunately for him, this all means that I think he can read my mind.

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