checking things off

And just like that, Christmas is over.  The radio has reverted back to its litany of Taylor Swift and bad 80s ballads.  Our Christmas tree is getting crispy.  Kohl’s, believe it or not, already has its Valentine’s Day stuff out (God save us all).

It started snowing the moment I stepped out the door for work, and it felt a little like the angels were throwing a surprise party for me, with confetti and everything.  Too bad I still had to go to work.

I’ve made a lot of progress over the last week or so on all the things that were stressing me out last week.  I talked to my dad about the wedding and how totally insane it was making me, and he’s agreed to help pay for some of it.  This is a huge relief, because now I don’t have to do hours and hours of research and negotiation to find the cheapest DJ and the most affordable table decorations and everything.

Plus, my Christmas gift from Tess was a wedding planner!  She filled a binder with budget sheets, checklists, pockets for photos, extra binder tabs, star stickers, even a flash drive!  It’s totally awesome and it’ll definitely keep my head from exploding too much.

I’ve also been spewing decoration ideas for the last thirty-six hours.  It’s probably driving both Kevin and my mom nuts, but I’m anxious to start nailing things down and start stocking up on the things we’re going to need.

And – drumroll please – I found my wedding shoes! Check that sucker off the list. Yessss.  Oh, and my mom has the material to make my veil, thus saving us $200!  (If anyone has made a veil before, we could use some pointers.)

My grad school applications are rolling along, too.  I officially submitted my CSU application last night, so one entire school is totally complete.  OSU is roughly 90% finished – I still have uh a whole essay to write, but everything else is taken care of.

The cherry on this sundae of awesomeness is that we’re going on a date tonight! This is a huge deal, you guys. We haven’t been on a date in like, months, I’m not even kidding.  We’re going to the newest restaurant in town, Orupa, which in and of itself is a huge deal because there are maybe four independent restaurants in all of Salem.  (Taco joints don’t count.)  We also treated ourselves to a couple half-price gift certificates to a couple other local restaurants, so no matter what, we are guaranteed two dates within the next year.

So, with any luck, I’ll be starting 2011 with my head on straight and my life more organized.  This is a good feeling.


4 thoughts on “checking things off

    • Either would be great! 🙂 Good “and get an assistantship so tuition is free” vibes would help too, otherwise I’ll have to start selling eggs to attend CSU.

      • I’ve amended the vibes accordingly! What are you hoping to study? I know some people at CSU, and I could at least slip a $20 or two into your application package… 😉

      • I’m applying for the Student Affairs in Higher Education program. I want to work in a study-abroad office, or really any university office that involves intercultural activities.

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