2011, here we go

2010 seems to have been the boring filling of a sandwich made from totally delicious bread years.  2009 was the Year of Graduation, Year of the Internship, Year I Started This Blog, and Year of Getting Engaged.  2011 will be Year of the Wedding and (fingers crossed) Year I Finally Start Grad School.


2010?  Not much happened in 2010.  There were a few cool things, like the Olympia vacation, the Superbowl party, doing an accessory swap, and some cooking exploits.  There was Prince Poppycock.  There was the cat sitting on everything.  There’s the intoxicating feeling of victory every time we check something off the wedding planning list.

There were also plenty of lame things, though, like probably developing lung mold from our constantly-damp apartment and working our boring, soulless, desk jobs and getting rejected from grad school.


One of the highlights, though, was starting Average Fantastic.  Blogging about body image is a big market, and even though I hadn’t written on it much before, I’ve enjoyed challenging myself to think of topics and find related material.  I’ve gotten to “meet” some fabulous new bloggers.  It feels great to know that our little quotes and our goofy photo shoots are actually encouraging some readers out there and making their days better.  That’s awesome.  Plus, it gave me my fifteen minutes of Internet fame in the form of my post about skinny guilt!  Getting so much attention on that post (like, over two thousand views) was really a wake-up call for me.  Even though I’ve been blogging for more than a year and writing for who knows how long before that, I had always seen writing as a fairly private thing.  Even when I worked on books – things that are intended to be read by thousands of people – I always thought of them as my little pet projects, pages to be read by a few friends.  Posting that article reminded me that my words really can impact people – and even better, that my writing deserves to have that impact.

Of course, now that I’ve had that realization, I’ll be doing a full month of photoblogging.

Here are the first two days of my 30 Days challenge!  It’s the weekend, so frankly, I’m not very concerned about what I’m wearing.  The only reason I’m not wearing sweats is because we had to run some errands.

(These photos are not great, I know.  Kevin is a great photographer, but it’s hard to get any good lighting whatsoever in our apartment, and when it’s around 40 degrees out, neither of us is willing to go out for natural light.)

Day 1:

Green tee (lol): Nordstrom Rack
Cardigan: H&M
Jeans: Nordstrom Rack
Boots: Nine West Outlet
Necklace: gift from Brittney!

For New Years, Jessica invited me to hang out with some of her high school friends, and I thought I ought to make a good impression and wear all the trendy things that don’t get worn very often.  Okay, actually, I adore these boots and usually wear them at least twice a week, but for the most part, the skinny jeans wait sad and lonely in my closet for me to suddenly become rich and popular and go out every weekend.

So I wore the skinny jeans and the boots and a fancy black t-shirt and my fabulous new raspberry-pink scarf my sister got me for Christmas.  I swapped out the tee and threw on new jewelry and voila!  The first day of the year spent fashionably.

Well, the first couple hours were – I only got about three hours of sleep, though, so as soon as we took this photo, I changed into sweats and spent the rest of the day shambling around doing errands with the remnants of a two-day migraine.  Woo!

Anyway, the other thing I liked about this outfit was finally getting to wear this necklace!  It’s a super-cool piece I got from Brittney, but the long layered chains make it hard to wear with my usual assortment of v-necks.  Pairing it with a more casual crew neck worked pretty well!

On to Day 2!

Graphic tee: Threadless
Black thermal: Fred Meyer
Green cami: Costco (2 for $12!)
Jeans: uh…probably Macy’s, but they’re pretty old
Sneakers: Famous Footwear
Necklace: JC Penny
Headband: Nordstrom, via my sister

Again, today would have been spent in sweats if I hadn’t had to leave the house.  However, we had gift cards to burn and we needed a calendar now that they’re all on sale, so I put on actual clothes.

Actual warm clothes, because it’s still freakin’ freezing out.

Rather than wear one of my usual layering tees underneath, I picked the thermal top, which I got around Thanksgiving when we had a sudden terrible freeze.  Since wearing three shirts erased all evidence of me having a womanly figure, I threw on a few feminine accessories: a brown pearl necklace and a sparkly headband, a Christmas gift from my sister (thanks, Katherine!).

So, as per the rules, none of these pieces can be worn together for 28 more days.  Hmm.  Any advice from past participants?


4 thoughts on “2011, here we go

  1. I had to start keeping a spreadsheet of what I’ve worn. I’m trying to re-wear as few items as possible, so that helps. I think you’ll find it a fun exercise (the challenge, not the spreadsheet. Unless you’re one of those people who finds spreadsheets fun. If you are, that’s cool. Dorky, but cool), and you’ll be surprised at how creative (in a good way, not in a “what do you mean sweatpants and a tutu don’t go together?” way) you become.

    • Actually, the spreadsheet is probably a good idea. I looked in the mirror this morning and kind of spaced on what I was allowed to do with my shirt next. Plus the laundry schedule will probably throw me off a couple times…

  2. Yay! I totally did notice that you were wearing the necklace I gave you and I’m glad that you love it!! Also I’m kind of glad to see you wearing threadless tees too! Sometimes I get self-consious about my mostly casual ways…

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