Day 4: Flight Attendant Chic

So…there’s not going to be a Day 3 photo.  First of all, it was a Monday, and the Monday after the holidays at that.  Then I found out that Slicker had been very sick and would be put to sleep that evening.  I came home in tears and in no mood to look pretty for a blog post.

When I was eight or nine, Slicker went missing.  He was still pretty young – we got him and another cat when they were kittens – and I think my parents suspected he wasn’t coming back.  Still, I kept hoping.  I wished on stars, and when stars didn’t work fast enough, I turned the wish logic to other natural items.  Brightest stars were joined by the biggest maple leaves, the sharpest rose thorns, and a dozen other things.  One day I was playing chess with my dad when I heard a little meow outside.  Slicker never had much of a voice – more of a squeak – but I was sure I’d heard it, even though my dad hadn’t.  I made him open the front door, and sure enough, in ran Slicker, skinny but otherwise healthy.  I burst into tears.  He had been gone for twenty-three days, and we still don’t know where he was during that time.


Today wasn’t much better.  My car got so cold that it registered as being dangerously low on coolant (which makes no sense, it was 26 degrees out, look, I don’t know either), so I pulled into a parking lot to call my dad and get advice and wound up late for work.   The morning was hectic.  I spent my lunch hour interviewing a potential premarital counselor and working on the last pieces of my OSU application.  At some point during the afternoon, I refilled a container of paperclips in my boss’s office and promptly spilled them all over the place.  I just stared at them for a moment while my boss said sympathetically, “One of those days, huh?” At which point I burst into tears.

But I got my work done, I made a delicious dinner, I refilled the coolant in my car (after Kevin bought some for me), and things have calmed down a bit.

So, here’s Day 4.

Button-up: H&M
Cardigan: Marks & Spencer
Scarf: Monsoon
Skirt: Banana Republic Outlet
Tights: JC Penny
Shoes: Famous Footwear

We’re still working out the finer points of photographing in a dim apartment.  The cardigan is navy and the scarf is blue; the color of the tights came through pretty well.  I prefer wearing colored tights with this skirt since it’s a little short for work (believe it or not, this is the shortest skirt I own) and wearing pantyhose would be a bit too revealing, in my book.  The silk scarf kept my neck warm, and this cardigan is unquestionably the comfiest I own.  I had fun mixing the colors, and I love wearing this skirt, but…yeah, I still think I look like a flight attendant.  One of my coworkers said I looked “very J. Crew,” so I’ll go with that instead.


6 thoughts on “Day 4: Flight Attendant Chic

  1. I think what makes the flight attendant look is the way your hair is pulled back. Even then I think you look adorable! The scarf/tie is a nice touch!
    and hugs to you about Slicker. ❤ :C poor guy.

    • Haha, I still haven’t found the right combination of hairstyles & that scarf. Once I wore the tie/scarf look with a black blazer and big curly velcro-rollers hair. Then I REALLY looked like a flight attendant!

  2. Very J Crew indeed!

    I’m so sorry to hear about your cat. When we had to put my dog to sleep five years ago (who I’d had for 17 years), I cried buckets and wanted to drive from Canada back to Boston to be there to hold her. It sounds like whatever adventures Slicker had when he was gone, he realized the best place in the world was to be right with you.

    And a premarital counselor, eh? Interesting. Not being married, that’s a new term for me. What’s involved?

    • Thanks. 😦 He was a “good old grump,” as my mom put it.

      Premarital counseling is, by all accounts, not nearly as intense as it sounds. The gal we might be seeing has you fill out a massive survey about relationship roles, parenting, personality, etc, and then you talk about those results at the next three sessions. It’s intended to get you to think about some potential issues you haven’t considered before, and to give you the framework to handle the big discussions in the future.

  3. I’m sorry to hear about your cat. Even when it’s for the better, stuff like that is really hard to accept. I would agree that you look J. Crew-ish (maybe they did a shoot with flight attendants?) and I admire your neck scarf wearing- it’s something I’d like to do, but but haven’t really felt I pulled off well enough to leave the house like that. For all that you have been having some rough times, you look really great!

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