30 Days No Repeats: Days 10 & 11

Day 10: Red Letter Day

Dress: Nordstrom Rack, by Max Studio
Cami: Nordstrom
Tights: JC Penny
Flats: Famous Footwear? Probably?
“Ruby” studs: Claire’s
Necklace: handmade!

I’m officially totally in love with Max Studio jersey dresses, mostly because they’re at Nordstrom Rack for a quarter of their original price – aka forty bucks, which is not too bad for a frequently-worn day dress.  I got this one in black a couple years ago and I wear it all the time during the summer.  The one I’m wearing was added to my wardrobe this past weekend, and I would have gotten it in the beautiful jade green as well, had I not already fallen in love with the much more versatile charcoal.  This was my attempt to wear it with color, but next time I’ll probably go for a monochrome look, because I do monochrome all the time. (see Day 11)

(And yes, the maroon tights and the scarlet cami may not have been the best combination.)

I made it! You can probably tell.


Day 11: Seventies Secretary Chic Who Has A Poetry Reading After Work

Top: Nordstrom Rack
Belt: Forever 21
Pants: Nordstrom
Heels: Payless or Famous Footwear, look, pretty much all of my shoes came from those stores.
Earrings: Claire’s
Necklace: gift from Tess!

(Apparently half of my clothing is from Nordstrom Rack.)

See how clear this photo is?  For the last week, we’ve been turning on every light in the hallway and bathroom and bringing in a desk lamp for extra illumination.  Tonight, Kevin randomly snapped a photo in near-total darkness and discovered an image loaded with detail.  So the good news is we finally figured out how to take clear photos; the bad news is it contradicts everything I thought I knew about photography.

I’m not sure what the fashion status of this shirt is.  When I bought it, we were at the tail end of the retro-Chanel-black-and-gold-and-sweaters-with-gauzy-sleeves trend.  I’m hoping it’s just straight-up retro now.  Having the quasi-Farrah Fawcett hair helps the look, I think.

I’ve worn this outfit a few times and it makes me feel very glamorous.  It may be all black, but I think the different layers and the belt, not to mention the fancy top, make it more interest.  The color palette gave me an opportunity to wear the necklace Tess gave me when we did an accessory swap a few months ago!

I’m actually kind of at a loss for what to wear tomorrow…we’ve been getting freezing rain and snow and sleet and heaven knows what else all night, and after wearing a shirt with sheer sleeves (say that five times fast) all day, I’m looking forward to wearing some toasty layers.


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