30 Days No Repeats: Days 22-24 or The Craziest Days Ever

The last three days have been, in a nutshell, completely insane.

Day 22: Overdressed to Impress

Jacket & skirt: Nordstrom, by Semantiks
Tee: Target, by Merona
Panty hose: Nordstrom
Heels: Payless

On Saturday, I went to the Northwest Returnee Conference in Portland.  I went back and forth on how dressy to go, but I figured I should look like I wanted a job, because I really did.  Of course, because the conference was held in Portland, I turned out to be as well-dressed as the volunteers and the presenters.  I spent the first session feeling awkwardly overdressed, but that feeling went away as soon as a company representative stood up and announced his organization had an opening.  I gave him my resume right after the session and arranged to have a phone interview this morning.

Some people write off the importance of wearing a suit to an interview, especially if the interviewee is younger, but both Kevin and I have been told by our employers that dressing up for the interview weighed heavily in our favor.  I know dressing nicely impressed the guy at the conference, and I know I felt more confident looking the part of a “career woman.”

After landing the interview of a lifetime, mingling with some Linfield students, and catching up with some OSU contacts, I headed home to lose the shoes and plan for this morning.

Day 23: Sit Around And Read Day

I don’t think anything I wore today was newer than 3 years old.

I planned to spend Sunday reading and prepping for the interview, and that exactly what I did, all while bundled up in a layering tee, cozy sweater, and long underwear.  We watched some football at Breck’s for a while, too.  That afternoon, Jessica and Taylor swung by for the last two forgotten pieces of the futon (so long, futon! hello, floor space!) and we all wound up going out for dinner to the Willamette Burger Company.  Those burgers? DELICIOUS.  Huge and juicy and covered with garlic aioli.   Plus they give you paper so you can draw on the table!  The only disappointments were the tater tots (not actually tater tots – weirdly spiced homemade tots) and the shocking lack of milkshakes.  Burgers without milkshakes?  Blasphemy!

Nah, it was just fine.  That was a seriously tasty burger.

Day 24: Most Of Today Was Spent Screaming Silently But At Least I Looked Put-Together

Shirt: Nordstrom Rack
Slacks: Nordstrom, by Semantiks (the other half of the
suit, blazer above)
Belt: Forever 21
Boots: ??
Necklace: Nordstrom, about a hundred years ago
Earrings: gift

So here we are, Monday.  I got up at 6:30 like I usually to and spent the morning reviewing my notes, waiting for Conference Guy to call for the interview.  Around 8:50 I checked my email and found a message from CSU saying that my application had been rejected.  Without an interview.

Ouch, dude.

Much swearing and couch-punching ensued.  This interview suddenly became much more critical.

At 9, I started calling their office.  Offices open at nine, right?

I got a busy signal.

I began to suspect I’d been scammed.  This whole organization must secretly be a front to smuggle pirated DVDs into the country in exchange for Iphones and Hershey’s chocolate.  They’ll never actually call me.  They’re going to string me along, they’ll hire me and then never pay me, they’ll steal my computer and hack my blog and spam all my Facebook friends.

Then, and 9:03, someone answered.

Turns out Conference Guy didn’t have time to talk then, so we arranged to talk during lunch.  I ran into work at 9:30 and spent the morning in extended panic mode.  During this, I got an email from OSU saying that my application had not been rejected, and would I like to come interview in February?

At this point I started incoherently texting my friends and family, leaving half a sentence unfinished, watching my life go spooling off into huge and important futures.

Lunchtime arrived.  I spent the hour on the couch with the cat in my lap, taking notes, getting a better feel for what promises to be a pretty neat job.  He invited me to interview in person in Seattle on Wednesday.  Kevin got home right as I finished the call.  I was shaking.  If I get this job, we’ll have two weeks to relocate to Seattle.  We have a couch and a mattress to move.  We have a huge geographic area to scout through.  I’ll need to leave adequate notes and possibly train my replacement.  I’ll be starting my career.

If I don’t get this job, my little old existence will keep rolling merrily along.

If I do, my life will totally change.

All because I spent a Saturday in Portland at a conference for an internship I went on a year and a half ago, and because I wore a suit.


5 thoughts on “30 Days No Repeats: Days 22-24 or The Craziest Days Ever

  1. First, who do I need to go give a good face slap to for rejecting your CSU application?!? I had plans for much hilarity and frivolity if you moved to the fort… 😦

    Second, how do you feel about OSU compared to the potential job? Is it in the field you want to pursue?

    Third, no milkshakes? Heresy!

    Fourth, GOOD LUCK on Wednesday!!! You are awesome, you will be awesome, and all will happen as it should.

    Fifth – argh, still mad about CSU!

    • 1: Thanks, dude. :-/ It would have been super cool to hang out with you! I’ll just have to come over for a visit sometime for no particular reason.

      2: The job is absolutely 100% in the field I’m aiming for. I think I wouldn’t even need to go to grad school if I got this job. I was surprised by how many people at the conference said they got their current jobs because of their assistantships in grad school, but I was really shocked by how few actually seem to get assistantships. If the degree itself isn’t going to be worthwhile enough to get me a job, why spend the money and risk never getting the assistantship?

      3. I know, right?!

      4. Thank you! 😀

      5. …yeah. :-/

  2. It sucks that CSU is being a jerk, but there are so many avenues you could go down at this point that it is probably for the best. You are being taken care of and I believe in you! I know that things will work out! Good luck and I hope you get the job! Even if it does mean moving to Seattle, that’d be a crazy awesome adventure! (and WHO SAYS you have to move EVERYTHING in 2 weeks?? Really???)

    PS: give me adequate time (to get time off) and I’ll do what I can to help.

    • This job would actually make it so I wouldn’t even have to go to grad school, at least not in the immediate future. Grad school would help me get my foot in the door, but, well, a job would = my foot in the door.

      I’ll be lucky if I even get the two weeks, actually. :-/ Technically they need someone immediately but I really need to stay and prepare for/train my replacement. Otherwise, yeah, we’ll pretty much be moving to the Seattle area extremely soon. I’m taking a preemptive carload with me tonight, my sister can drive some stuff up, and after that all hell will probably break loose.

      Assuming I even get the job. Need to stay on that square for the time being!

  3. Seattle area? Why, that’s where I live! Give me a call if you need anything, especially if I can help you move stuff up here. I’ll be down in the Portland area from Thursday until Sunday, so we at least have to hang out and catch up.

    Deep breaths, now. Remember, the interviewer is more scared of you than you are of him (no, seriously).

    Suits FTW.

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