Tunes I Like: “Thistle & Weeds” by Mumford & Sons

I know, this happens all the time.  I hear a song and I go into Natalie Portman-in-“Garden State” mode and tell the entire Internet that this song will change your life.

However, this one totally will.

It’s long, but give it time – it gets intense around the 2-minute mark.

The best part is that all of their stuff sounds like this.  It’s all epic folk music, unnecessarily orchestral, with the occasional bluegrass banjo thrown in, just in case.  I love it, and I was heartbroken when I found out they only have one album.

This band reached me via my sister, who gave me a ton of her music from artists like Arcade Fire, Noah & the Whale, and Kate Nash.  I also took a few songs from a band called Bombay Bicycle Club, because theirs is the best band name ever.  I was happy to see Mumford & Sons get a few Grammy nominations, and even though I’m not the biggest Arcade Fire fan I’m happy they won Album of the Year (particularly because the reaction was hilarious).

Seeing that I:

a) have heard of Arcade Fire
b) enjoy listening to them
c) also enjoy listening to other obscure bands, without realizing that they’re obscure
d) do not think Justin Beiber is any kind of artist

I am forced to conclude that I am, in fact, a hipster.  Usually the time bands reach me, they’re  fairly well-known – or so I thought.  Examples: Noah & the Whale, Arcade Fire, and Kings of Leon.  I’d seen them in magazines, they’d recieved nominations, and several of my friends had mentioned them.  I figured they were well-established.  Seeing the reaction to Arcade Fire’s win, though, it turns out my tastes are still rather underground.  Hence, I’m a hipster.

With that in mind, I’m gonna go buy a few pairs of leggings and ironic glasses.  I have to come to terms with my new identity and this means dressing the part.  I may have to get a beret, too.  What do hipsters read?  I’ll have to get a used copy somewhere.  Oh, and future discussions of music not related to Lady Gaga, Eminem, or Justin Beiber will be snobby and judgmental.


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