farewell, umbrella

Dear Umbrella,

I had to throw you away today.  I know it was probably a little sudden – after all, you’d been broken for months already – but I got a nice new umbrella this weekend and I decided it was time.

Still, we spent over seven years together, and that’s a lot for a little portable umbrella, so I don’t want you to think I’m just tossing you aside.  Umbrella, I’m actually going to miss you.  We crammed plenty of adventures into those seven years.  You came to France with me in high school (where I got melted chocolate on you), and afterward, you sheltered me through all four rainy years at Linfield.  You walked me to church countless times.  You protected me and Kevin when we went to the British Museum just days before getting engaged.  You sheltered me all those mornings of walking to work in Cork in the rain.  (There was that one incident with the car driving through the puddle and soaking my entire front, but don’t worry, it wasn’t your fault.)

Umbrella, thank you for all of your hard work.  This new guy has a lot to prove.

With love,



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